Printer firmware management

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All of these features are available in the Settings menu in the printer panel. To get there:

Open the printer panel.
Click on the printer. If you don't see it in the My Printers list, add it by clicking "Add a printer." 
Click the settings button. 

Updating the firmware

If your firmware is out of date, it will look like this:

To update the firmware, just click here:

To update the firmware manually:
  1. Go to the printer and manually put it into Maintenance mode
  2. From the screen above, click "Browse for other versions..."

Once it's done downloading, you'll have to follow the instructions on your printer to finish the update. If you have a F123 Series printer, you can skip this step!

After that's completed, your printer will be up to date:

Setting the printer time

If your printer's clock shows the wrong time, you can edit that here:

When you hit edit, the time on your computer will automatically fill the boxes. Just hit save to update the printer's clock.

Exporting the printer configuration

If you are requesting a service technician for your printer, they will often ask for the "printer logs" or the "printer configuration" files. You can get these using GrabCAD Print by clicking here:

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