Advanced print prep with Insight and Control Center

If you use a Fortus or F370 printer, your current print prep workflow may include, among other programs, Insight and Control Center. If you most often use Insight with the default settings (aka "green flag"), then GrabCAD Print can fulfill all your needs in one package. However, there are some more advanced capabilities of Insight, such as custom groups and direct toolpath editing, that are not yet included in GrabCAD Print. 

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When to use Insight

Here are some of functions that are only available in Insight. We are constantly adding new features so check back in the future. 

  • Printing with Ultem 9085 CG and ST130
  • Adding an anchor column or wall stabilizer
  • Adding a z-pause to the print
  • Customizing the toolpaths with custom groups
  • Controlling the seam placement
  • Manually editing the curve of an individual toolpath
  • Splitting a part into multiple sections
  • Additional build parameters such as: raster width, contour width, number of contours, raster to raster air gap, part sparse air gap, visible surface finish, visible raster width, and internal raster width

How to use Insight with GrabCAD Print

Insight is contained within GrabCAD Print, so you can open it from the Apps menu. 

  1. In Insight, go to File > Open and select your file. 
  2. When you have made all the changes you want, save as a .CMB file. 
  3. In GrabCAD Print, go to File > Import File... and select the .CMB you just made. 
Limitations on imported CMB files:

You must begin with a new, empty project to import a CMB file. For performance, CMBs are simplified in Model View, but you can see the actual shape in Slice Preview. CMB files must be version 8.9 or later.

When to use Control Center

Here are some of functions that are only available in Control Center. We are constantly adding new features so check back in the future.

  • Seeing the tray's grid lines or calibration touch-points 
  • Receiving an email notification of completed job
  • Adjusting the air gap (gutter) between parts
  • Controlling the order that parts are built
  • Sending license key and license file to Fortus printer

Using Control Center

To incorporate Control Center into your workflow, export your tray as a .CMB file from GrabCAD Print.

  1. Switch to Slice Preview view mode
  2. While in Slice Preview, go to File > Export as... or hit ctrl + shift + E

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