How to join your collaborators' projects

Certain projects appear in the tab "Other projects in account" because either:

  1. You are admin on the account and have access to all projects, including the ones you are not invited to or
  2. A project is set as a common parts library.

Common parts library projects can be synced in the Desktop App, however if you are the admin, you will need to add yourself to projects that other users have created in order to see them in your Desktop App. 

How to sync a project you see as admin 

As admin, go to the account users page
Select yourself and right click to bring up the context menu. Select "Add to projects"

Select the projects you want to sync with and select "Collaborator" or "Project Owner"


Click on "Add". You will now see these projects in your Desktop App and can get in sync with a local folder. 

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