When you get invited

This guide will walk you through getting started with Workbench after your teammate has invited you to Workbench.


Receiving an invitation to Workbench

You will receive an email when a project owner invite or shares a Workbench project with you. You can be invited as either: a project owner, collaborator or a view-only user (Learn more about roles and permissions). Below is an example of an email invite you will see in your inbox:


Registering for Workbench

In order to get started you can click on the "View File" button which will redirect you to the project. If you are logged out or don't have an account with GrabCAD, the "View File" button will redirect you to the log in page in which case you can log in or register to get access to the project. 


Viewing files in the web interface 

Once you are logged in, you will be directed to the project where you can view, download, and upload files. As an invited collaborator to a project,   we recommend you download the Workbench Desktop App to sync projects to your computer.

If you are invited as a view-only user, you can view files in the web interface and add comments. However, you cannot download files


Sync projects you were invited to using the Workbench Desktop App

After installing the Workbench Desktop App and finishing the initial setup, you will see the project you were invited to in the left panel of the Desktop App. Select this project and click on the purple download panel to sync the project files to your computer.

If you had previously installed the Desktop App, you may not see the project you were just invited to on the list. This is because the list depends on which account is set to the default account. Head over to the  settings menu to change the default account. 

After successfully downloading files to your computer via the Desktop App, the GrabCAD folder will contain the project folder with the files you just downloaded. 

If you want to read more about the Workbench Desktop App, please read  the user's manual.


All set and ready to go!

Now that you are in Workbench, get to work! Again, we strongly recommend you use the Workbench Desktop App to sync your project files so that you and your team are always up-to-date.  Read more about the Workbench Desktop App.

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