How to resolve file conflicts

When your team is not properly using file locking, there can be conflicts between your local files and the files in the project on Workbench. Conflicts occur when:

  • You modify a file and save it without first downloading the latest version
  • Your teammate uploads a new version of a file you are working on before you upload your changes
  • You accidentally save a new version of a file a coworker has updated to the project

Conflicts are resolved from the desktop app download panel: 

You have to choose what to do with the conflicting versions in either the Download or Upload screens. The red text underneath the files explains what is happening when you select or conflict file or not. 

In order to decide which version you want to keep, hit "Open Project" on the Desktop App to view the conflicting file on Workbench. The best way to avoid conflicts is to lock files when you are working on them.

Note: if you are unsure which version is more important, it is safer to upload your version. You can always restore an old version on Workbench, but if you overwrite your local file you may permanently lose work

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