Using previous versions of a file

When you save a new version of a file, this typically overwrites the last version you had saved, with no way to recover a version from the past. When your files are in sync with GrabCAD Workbench, you never lose an old version. You can view, download, and restore any version of a file that has been uploaded to the project. Here's how:

When you make changes to your files, there is no reason to change their names to mark them as the latest design. Simply save them with "Save" then upload your changes to the Workbench project.  To view old versions, click "Open Project" to go to the Workbench project online.

While viewing the file click on the blue or purple box next to the file name to bring up the version history

  • View - opens the old version of the file in the viewer
  • Restore - creates a new version that is a copy of the old version 
  • Download - begins the download of the old file into your browser's default downloads location
  • Mark As Revision - Marks the older version as a revision. You can also include assembly components. 
  • Add to Partner Space - Adds the older version to a selected Partner Space. You can also include assembly components.

In the picture above, one can see that Roger, while viewing V3, restored V2. This created V4 as a copy of V2. The team will receive the update on their Desktop Apps and download V4. 

Pro/E and Creo Version Handling

GrabCAD accounts for Pro/E and Creo file's automatic version handling by renaming the file to have ".1" after the file extension. This way, each time you upload a new file to GrabCAD it is the new "latest" version. Previous versions are available in the version history window as above.

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