Bill of materials (BOM) view

While viewing an assembly, click "View Bill of Materials" from the File Options menu:

You can customize the columns displayed and reorder them by clicking and dragging on the column headings. Once you have the view you like, you can export to CSV to import into your preferred sheet management software.

There are 3 views for the BOM: 

  • Indented - shows parts and subassemblies in the arrangement they are in the part, with multiple instances combined and shown in the "Quantity" column
  • Parts Only - shows only the part files
  • Top View - shows only the part files that are under the top level assembly

Please note that the assembly information is derived from the same process that prepares the files for 3D viewing, so if the model is not displaying in the viewer or there are issues viewing your assembly the BOM view will not be available. 

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