How do you share a model to a private group?

If you would like to share your model with a private group rather than the whole GrabCAD Community, you can use Workbench.

First download the file you'd like to convert, then head over to to start your free 14-day trial.

Enter a name for your Workbench account under Company Name and click "Start your 14 day trial." Once your trial is started, you will see some tips appear to help you get started.

Hit "Create new project" and give it a name. Upload your files to the project by dragging it into the blue area, or hitting "select files."

Once your files are done uploading, it's time to share! You can do this in two ways:

  • Invite specific people by email to be collaborators on your project (see step 5) 
  • Use Partner Spaces to create a private sharing space which can be accessed by anyone with the link (see step 6)

If you know the specific set of users you want to invite, go to the Users tab and click "Invite users"

Unfortunately, you cannot invite users by their GrabCAD user name, so if you would like to add other Community users to your project,  message them directly and ask for their email address.

They will receive an email invitation to view your files, and will continue to receive notifications when new versions are available. If they are not already GrabCAD members, they will go through a quick sign-up to become a user on your  Workbench account. Depending on the project role you selected for them, they may be able to add files to the project as well. Click here to learn more about managing your team. 


If the people you would like to share your model with will not need to receive email notifications when new versions are available for download, then you can use Partner Spaces to share files. Select "Add file to Partner Space" from the File Options menu.

Once the file is added to the Partner Space, you can create a secure link to send to your recipients by enabling the setting: "Enable access to anyone with link"

Once the setting is enabled, you can also send the URL of any file in the Partner Space directly to your recipients. 

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