Comments and @mentions

When you are viewing a file on Workbench, you can add comments on the file. Your collaborators will be notified of the new comment, can reply and use @mentions to call out specific collaborators. 

Making a comment

In workbench you can add comments, in the comments tab, to convey more information about a particular part or assembly.

Getting notified

When a comment is made all collaborators are notified through email.

Partners, as well as users who have their email notification turned off in their email settings, will not be notified. Additionally, collaborators will not be notified of comments made from within a project's Partner Space unless they are explicitly invited to that Partner Space. 

Replying to a comment

You can reply to comments already made by posting a comment to the bottom of an already existing comment

Deleting a comment

You can delete a comment by selecting the 'x' in the top right corner of the comment in which you want to delete.


You can mention a collaborator in a comment by first typing the "@" symbol and selecting a user to mention from the drop down list.

This will notify the user regardless of their notification settings. 

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