How to set up peer-to-peer downloads

Peer-to-peer downloading allows you to download files from collaborators who are on the same local network as you. When available, files will be download across your Local Area Network (LAN) Instead of downloading from the Workbench cloud. For peer-to-peer downloads to work, each user must follow these steps.

How to activate peer-to-peer downloads in the Workbench Desktop App

Open the Workbench Desktop App
From the gear menu, click Settings
Check "Enable peer-to-peer sharing for faster download speeds"
Windows will present a dialog asking your permission to allow Workbench to access the local network. Ensure the box for private networks is checked and click "Allow access"

How to enable peer discovery

These steps specify to Window that you are on a private network.

Open Control Panel
Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center
Under "View your active network", ensure the network is listed as a "Work network" or "Home network"
If it is listed as a "Public network", click the setting, and change it to Work or Home

Note: if you are on a public network do not change this setting, peer-to-peer will still work on private networks.

Is local file sharing safe and secure?

Yes. All data transferred via peer-to-peer is fully encrypted, and restricted to the local network.

How do I know peer-to-peer downloads are working?

For a seamless experience there is no indication that a file is being downloaded from a peer versus from Workbench. That being said downloading from a local network should be much faster than downloading from Workbench; if you see higher than usual download speeds, you can assume it's working.

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