How to configure the Workbench Desktop App to work with a proxy server

If your company has set up a firewall to regulate network traffic, this may cause issues with the Workbench Desktop App. Your company will most likely have a proxy server which has been set up to send and receive information through the firewall safely. In most cases the Desktop App will handle this setup automatically, but sometimes the Desktop App will have to be manually configured. This article will help you set up the app to connect directly to the proxy server in order to function appropriately.

Open the file explorer and go to the directory: %LOCALAPPDATA%\GrabCAD\Data
In this directory open the file user.config. This file is an XML file, so use your favorite text editor (e.g. Notepad)
In your text editor search for the work "GCWebProxy", this will show you the section of the document you need to edit in order to configure a proxy
Configuration of the web proxy: 
IsEnabled Change this to true to enable the proxy.
AutoDisableIfNoProxyFound Change this to true in order to have these settings disabled when a proxy is not detected.
HostName Set this to the hostname of your proxy server.
Port The default port is 8080, change this to the port which your proxy is using.
RequiresAuthentication Set this to true to enable user authentication (with username and password).
UseDefaultCredentials Try to use credentials from the operating system (this may not work in some cases). To explicitly specify the username and password set this to false.
EncryptedUsername Set this to the username for the proxy server.
EncryptedPassword  Set this to the password of the user for the proxy server.
Domain Set this to the domain of the web proxy. In some cases this can be left empty.

An example of this section is shown below:

<setting name="WebProxy" serializeAs="Xml">
    <GCWebProxy xmlns:xsi=""
    <EncryptedUsername>encrypted username here</EncryptedUsername>
    <EncryptedPassword>encrypted password here</EncryptedPassword>

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