Connect your FDM printers

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  2. Setting up your PolyJet printers for GrabCAD Print
  3. Connect your FDM printers
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  6. Printing & monitoring remotely with GrabCAD Print Server

This article explains how to connect to your FDM printers in GrabCAD Print. If you have a J750 or Objet 1000, be sure to read how to  Set up your PolyJet printers for GrabCAD Print.

If your printers are connected to the network

  1. Open the printer panel
  2. Click "Add a network printer"
  3. Select the printer you want to use

If you have more printers, repeat the above steps as needed.

If your printers are on the network but aren't showing up

Add by IP

There is a hardware setting on the printer to disable network discoverability, known as UPNP. In this case, you will need to determine your printer's IP address, then enter it into GrabCAD Print.

First, find your printer's IP address in CatalystEX or Control Center:

  1. Open CatalystEX or Control Center.
  2. Hit "Manage 3D printers" (CatalystEX) or "Manage FDM Systems" (Control Center).
  3. Highlight the desired printer and hit "Edit".
  4. Write down the IP address shown.

Then add this printer to GrabCAD Print:

  1. Open the Printer panel. Click "Add" at the top of the panel.
  2. Enter the IP address in the text box and click "Add".

If your printers are NOT on the network

If your normal workflow consists of carrying the CMB file to the printer on a thumb drive, you can still use GrabCAD Print to achieve this! 

See:  Printing to an offline printer

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