List of supported printers

GrabCAD Print can connect to a variety of printers. If you are having problems connecting to your 3D printer, make sure it is on the list of printers below.



Printing technology

Stratasys F123 Series   
Fortus — all types
uPrint — all types 
Dimension — all types *
J700 Dental
J720 Dental  
Connex3 — all types
Objet1000 Plus

* Dimension 1200 (non-ES) printers are included in GrabCAD Print, however any printer-specific issues will not be investigated.

For printing on the F370 and larger Fortus systems, you may still want to use Insight to access some of the more advanced print prep features, such as manually removing support areas or adding stabilizer walls. For more details, see:  Advanced print prep with Insight and Control Center.

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