Mouse and keyboard controls

Mouse controls in the viewer

NOTE: These controls are configurable in File > System Preferences > View Manipulation. The default controls are:

Rotate right-mouse-button
Zoom  scroll
Pan middle-mouse-button OR
shift + right-mouse-button 
Select model left-mouse-button
Select multiple models in the Model List ctrl + left-mouse-button OR
shift + left-mouse-button
Select multiple models in the viewer ctrl + left-mouse-button OR
left-mouse-button and drag*
Move model left-mouse button and drag

* You can select multiple models by drawing a box in the viewer. Click and drag with the left-mouse-button. When dragging towards the right, only models wholly contained in the box are selected. When dragging towards the left, models that are partially inside the box boundaries are also selected.

Mouse controls in Schedule View

Scroll up and down (printer list) scroll
Scroll left and right (time) shift + scroll OR
Zoom in or out in time ctrl + scroll 

Keyboard shortcuts for the viewer

In addition to the following keyboard shortcuts, the standard views are available by the buttons at the top of the viewer, as well as the View menu. 

Turn perspective on or off ctrl + L Top ctrl + 1
Fit to models ctrl + F Bottom ctrl + 2
Fit to selection ctrl + E Left ctrl + 3
Fit to tray ctrl + T Right ctrl + 4
Isometric ctrl + shift + 1 Front ctrl + 5
Dimetric ctrl + shift + 2 Back ctrl + 6
Trimetric ctrl + shift + 3

Keyboard shortcuts in Slice Preview

Play or pause slice animation space
Change selected layer up / down arrow

Other shortcuts

Add models ctrl + shift + O Undo ctrl + Z
Add models from Workbench alt + ctrl + shift + O Redo ctrl + shift + Z
Insert STLs as assembly ctrl + shift + A  Select all ctrl + A
Import OBJZF, OBJTF, or CMB ctrl + shift + I Copy ctrl + C
New project ctrl + N Paste ctrl + V
Open project ctrl + O Delete selected delete
Save project ctrl + S
Save project as ctrl + shift + S
Quit alt + F4

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