Glossary of terms

Build When you click "Estimate", "Print" or go into Slice Preview, the current tray must be processed—or "built"—into a file available to send to the printer. If there are problems, for example if parts are off the tray, then the build will fail.
Build volume The available dimensions on the current printer. The tray size and height shown in the viewer represent the printer's build volume.
Compose Arrange parts on a tray or project.
.CMB file This file format is used by other Stratasys print prep software such as Catalyst and Insight and represents the instructions given to the printer for how to print the part.
Envelope See: "build volume"
Export Once a tray has been processed (see "build") it is available for export. This is used when the user wants to use another program (such as Stratasys Control Center) to send jobs to a printer.
FDM Fused Deposition Molding. This is the name of the technology used in many Stratasys printers where plastic filament is heated and extruded onto a build tray. Read more here:
Hide Hiding a part in GrabCAD Print removes it from view, and when Arrange Tray or Arrange Project is used, hidden parts are not accounted for. Hidden parts will not be printed. Hide is different from Delete because a hidden part can be shown on the tray without needing to be reprocessed, and any material properties will be maintained while a part is hidden. 
Import If a part has been processed using another Stratasys print prep software such as Catalyst or Insight, a .CMB file will be created, and this file can be imported into the GrabCAD Print project.
Insert The main operation for bringing 3D files into your GrabCAD Print project.
Job When you are arranging models in the viewer you are working on the tray, but when this gets sent to the printer it becomes a job. Jobs are shown on the schedule view.
Layer Most 3D printing technologies work by adding up material layer by layer. When in slice preview, you can view each layer individually by changing view modes.
.PRINT file GrabCAD Print uses the .PRINT extension to save projects. See also: "project".
Printer gender Printer type.
Project When you are using GrabCAD Print in the standard view (not Schedule or Slice Preview) you are working on a project. The project contains all of the files you've inserted as well as all the tray arrangements and settings youve chosen.
Queue Most 3D printers can receive a job to print even when they are busy, and the job gets added to a queue for printing. GrabCAD Print reads this queue as well as information about the current print job and displays it in schedule view.
Remote printer Printers that are connected via the remote print agent and not your computer's local network are labelled as "remote printers." Click here to learn more about remote printing:
Resin The base substance from which photopolymer printing materials are made for use in Stratasys PolyJet printers. 
Show If a part has been hidden, you can right click on it in the files list and click "Show" to add it to the current tray if there is room, or the next available tray if there isn't.
Slicing See: "Build"
Structure When you add a CAD file into GrabCAD Print, it must first be converted to a pure-geometry format. This is why the files list will say "Loading structure..." right after inserting a CAD file.
Toolpath The toolpath is the specific instructions given to the printer for how to make the part. See also: "build." To view these, go to slice preview.
Tray The tray represents the available space on the printer for one job. Since you can insert as many files as you like into your GrabCAD Print project, you can arrange parts on multiple trays. 

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