Installing GrabCAD Print for multiple Windows users

With the release of version 1.16 of GrabCAD Print, we now support a per-machine installer of GrabCAD Print in addition to the existing per-user installer. This new installer was developed for two reasons :

  1. To support IT requirements in large companies, where system admins would like to distribute software using deployment tools such as SCCM.
  2. To allow GrabCAD Print to be installed for all users of a shared machine, such as in a computer lab.

Most of the functionality of GrabCAD Print is the same for both installation methods, so it's up to the user to choose which method suits their requirements best. Currently, the per-machine installer is in Beta, so you must reach out to in order to request access. 

NOTE: In order to use the per-machine installer, there can be no other installations of GrabCAD Print present on the machine. All other users must uninstall GrabCAD Print first.

Comparing the two installers

Per-User Installation Per-Machine Installation
All app features and functionality

Automatic monthly updates
SOLIDWORKS add-in available

Can be deployed to many machines at once using deployment tools
GrabCAD Print Server can be installed on the same computer (GrabCAD Print Server must be installed on a separate PC)
Multiple logged-in users can run GrabCAD Print simultaneously
Installation directory C:\USERS\<username>\AppData C:\Program Files
Installing for multiple users Installed for each user one by one Installed for all users at once
Windows admin privileges Not required
(except for installing/updating the SOLIDWORKS add-in)
Required for installing and updating
GrabCAD Print preferences All preferences controlled by the user Security and advanced features preferences controlled by system admin, all other preferences controlled by the user

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