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GrabCAD is the software product from Stratasys which includes a platform for engineers, designers, manufacturers and students to share content (Community), collaborate on projects (Workbench), program 3D Printers (Print and Print Server), and manage 3D Printing model shops (Shop). The purpose of this document is to detail the data collected when using GrabCAD, how to manage data privacy settings and how we comply with the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). 

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GrabCAD Product Descriptions

GrabCAD is a software product suite from Stratasys that includes desktop and mobile applications and a cloud environment hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

GrabCAD Print offers job programming, scheduling, monitoring, and analytics across our various 3D printing technologies.  GrabCAD Print includes features such as tray packing and optimization, job estimation, system availability, scheduling and monitoring. GrabCAD Print runs as a desktop application on a customer's computer, and some online-only features depend on the GrabCAD cloud.

GrabCAD Print Server extends the features of GrabCAD Print to allow printer status monitoring via a mobile app, remote monitoring and printing via the desktop application, and material usage, job history, utilization analytics via the desktop application and web reports. GrabCAD Print Server is an optional component that runs as a Windows service on a customer-controlled machine in the customer network and connects to web services running in the GrabCAD cloud.

GrabCAD Shop simplifies the 3D Printing Shop workflow by substantially improving the way teams manage and collaborate on prototyping work orders. Engineers, designers and shop operators minimize time-to-part by sharing a common work space to simplify print work order management, communicating requirements accurately and focusing on delivering quality prints on time. GrabCAD Shop is a web application running in the GrabCAD cloud.

GrabCAD Community is an online forum for engineers, designers, manufacturers and students to share best practices and content and learn about product development and manufacturing.GrabCAD Community is a web application running in the GrabCAD cloud.

GrabCAD Workbench is a cloud-based project data management solution that enables design teams to work together collaborating on design tasks and managing CAD files. Capabilities include file version management, 3D view-markup-measure-compare, and backup and restore in a securely managed environment fostering project workflow efficiency. GrabCAD Workbench is a web application running in the GrabCAD cloud.


GrabCAD utilizes concepts such as Company, Account, Users and Roles to set up and manage companies, define users associated with companies and roles to limit what users are permitted to do specifically:

Company Account — An entity in the GrabCAD ecosystem consisting of admins, users, personal and printer data, access and permissions to printers and software, and licenses. These Company Accounts allow collaboration and ease of management for the admins between different GrabCAD products.  

User Account — An individual user is defined by the login credentials (email and password) as well as their user profile and settings. A user may be a member of one or more companies. Only one user account is needed to use all GrabCAD Software.

Role — Company accounts have 2 roles, Admins and Users. Admins can invite other users and admins with emails to create user accounts and access GrabCAD software and printers, and control the data that is being sent.

Types of Data Collected

The following describes the 4 types of data that can be collected when using GrabCAD.  For all the data types described here, data is stored in the GrabCAD cloud, which is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS)..

  1. Personal Data — User information such as email, name, company details, designation and contact info provided while signing up for the GrabCAD Software suite.
  2. User Submitted Data — User submitted files and metadata hosted in GrabCAD Community, Workbench, or GrabCAD Shop (GrabCAD Web applications only). 
  3. Application Usage Data — User data automatically generated by GrabCAD applications such as application starts, commonly used features, diagnostic logs, etc.   
  4. Printer Usage Data — Automatically generated by the operation of Stratasys 3D printers (eg, printer logs and job history). The section “Changing Privacy Settings to Control Data Collection in GrabCAD Print”  below describes how user settings control what printer usage data is collected by GrabCAD Print .

Data Collection Details

The following table illustrates the data collection scenarios when using GrabCAD.

GrabCAD provides many controls to allow users and administrators to share as much or as little data as desired. Additionally GrabCAD has put in place General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) controls giving users’ more control of their data. If you have questions about the content of this document please contact

1 — Personal Data (When signing up for GrabCAD applications)

When a user signs up for GrabCAD, they provide personal data such as name and email address to uniquely identify themselves and create a login.  This login is required to setup and use all GrabCAD services including GrabCAD Community, GrabCAD Workbench, GrabCAD Print and GrabCAD Shop. This data is augmented when you add details to your GrabCAD profile like your education, job description, etc.

2 — User Submitted Data

User Submitted Data in GrabCAD Print and Print Server

Company accounts created for GrabCAD Print along with Company Settings are examples of user submitted data. Company Accounts are used to collaborate with other users, set company wide settings (like operating hours), and associate printers with Accounts.  User roles are defined by Company Administrators to limit the types of things users can do in GrabCAD. Individual users may opt to share their tray images with their colleagues, so they can see a preview of what is being printed. These images are collected and stored at the GrabCAD servers for 30 days, solely for this purpose of collaboration within the company account. They are then automatically deleted. This can be configured in File - Preferences - Privacy in GrabCAD Print. 

Finally, the user may choose to send files to their printers from a network different from their printers’ (remote connection using the GrabCAD Print Server). Here, the GrabCAD servers  are the medium of transport for these files. No CAD files are ever stored as part of using GrabCAD Print.

User Submitted Data in GrabCAD Shop

When work orders are managed in GrabCAD Shop user submissions include uploaded files (CAD and supporting files), associated metadata, comments, thumbnails as well as other metadata related to the Shops such as printers and materials.  This is considered user submitted data belonging to the appropriate organization who owns the intellectual property of the uploaded files.

In the event your license expires or the company is deleted, all personally identifiable data related to GrabCAD Shop will be removed after a certain time or upon the request of the Admins / Users. File uploads, comments, other interactions and all associated data done by all users in the company will be deleted too.

User submitted data in the GrabCAD Community

As you engage with the Community, you may submit the following data:

  • Library models containing CAD files, renderings, and generated metadata including but not limited to the description of the models, tags, and comments or submissions for challenges.
  • Questions - questions asked and/or answered in the Community
  • Tutorials - how-to’s submitted to the Community
  • Groups - discussion groups participated in
  • Private Messages to other Community members

You can delete the content you generate in the Community at any time.

User Submitted Data in GrabCAD Workbench

Workbench projects with their uploaded files and associated data, including comments, snapshots, etc., are considered user submitted  data and belong to the appropriate organization who owns the intellectual property of the uploaded files.

Hence, a Company account is created by users to manage collaboration between other users and is considered the “owner” of the Workbench project data. If you, the user, are the sole entity who owns any uploaded data, this data is still considered company data and not personally identifiable data. In the event that you, the user, and the company are one and the same, then you own the rights to the data generated and uploaded to GrabCAD Workbench.

In the event your user account is deleted, all personally identifiable data will be removed from GrabCAD. File uploads, comments, and other Workbench interactions by the deleted user will appear with a random string of characters in place of the original user’s name. At this time, if you are the last admin of Workbench projects in the company account, the projects and all their associated data will be deleted too.

3 — Application Usage Data

When using GrabCAD Community, Workbench, Shop, Print and Print Server, we log when you sign into the website or applications as well as any other actions performed (Application starts, commonly used features, etc). We use this data as feedback to improve and develop new features. The GrabCAD Print desktop application and GrabCAD Print Server provide users with additional privacy controls that will be detailed in the next section.

In addition to tracking content you generate, we track your interactions with other Community users (things like your upvotes, likes, etc.) to score users’ content participation and to measure and improve our features in the Community.

In case you have issues with our GrabCAD Workbench and GrabCAD Print Desktop Applications, application usage data (logs) can be sent to GrabCAD Support for debugging purposes. These logs may contain application usage that help our teams diagnose the problem.

4 — Printer Usage Data

Printer Usage Data is automatically generated by the use of Stratasys 3D Printers, for logging and debugging purposes. These are primarily log files, that includes user names (can be anonymized), job names, material consumption, printer tip and head life, duration and time of jobs and other printer related data. No CAD files are stored on the printer. Print  files (.objzf, .CMB) may be stored on the printer’s computer for reprinting purposes. These can be deleted by the users at any time and never leaves the printer’s network. 

GrabCAD Print and the GrabCAD Print Server (if user enabled) only collect printer log data / job history and send the data to the GrabCAD Servers. This data is collected for two purposes : 

  1. For Stratasys: Aggregating job data to improve and develop new features  and debugging. 
  2. For Customers: To generate reports for tracking and accounting. These reports (printer utilization, history and material usage) are available on when the user logs in and connects to their company account, or in the GrabCAD Print desktop application, as shown below. 

Changing Data Collection in GrabCAD Print

You can disable data collection in GrabCAD Print by going to File>Preferences>Privacy and disabling the data collection options in the Privacy section.

You can control:

  • “Automatically send anonymous usage statistics to Stratasys” - this anonymized data includes actions in GrabCAD Print and Printer Usage Data Statistics. 
  • “Automatically send personal statistics to Stratasys” - this controls if the user actions and printer usage data can be identifiable, linking the information back to a user, company account, and printer serial number when applicable.
  • “Automatically share tray images with your company account” this enables or disables the creation and sharing of the tray image preview visible to other users in the same company account.

If you are using the GrabCAD Print Server to connect to your printers remotely, you can opt out to data collection by disabling “Automatically send anonymous statistics”. This will disable the sending of printer usage data from Print Server.

Using GrabCAD Print in Offline Mode

If you are working in an offline environment or have offline mode enabled, your GrabCAD Print usage will not be sent.

You can enable Offline Mode by going to File > Preferences > Privacy and changing the setting for Offline Mode:

In offline mode, logs will also not be sent to customer support when the user wants to submit feedback. The user will have to collect the files manually and email them to our customer support team.

GrabCAD and GDPR

The following section describes how GrabCAD complies with the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation. For any questions, please contact

Breach Notification

In the event of a data breach, GrabCAD will inform users within 72 hours.

Right to Access, Rectification of Data and Data Portability

Your personal data can be requested by contacting via the email you use to log into

We will provide you with a file profile.CSV that contains the personal data we have of you.

You can edit your personal information by editing your Profile Settings at You can also edit additional profile information by visiting your profile and clicking on "Edit" in the field.

Any user-generated content you have uploaded to the GrabCAD Community and or GrabCAD Workbench can be downloaded by you at any point.

Right to be Forgotten

Deleting your profile on GrabCAD

You can delete your account by going to and clicking on “Click here to delete account” as shown in the following image:

You can also contact us at to delete your account. Please send an email from the email account you want deleted from GrabCAD.

What happens after my account is deleted?

Deleting your GrabCAD account removes you from the GrabCAD Ecosystem. The same is applied for deleting any company account used by GrabCAD Workbench, Print or Shop. We maintain a backup of data for up to 30 days. For any specific data removal or related questions, contact

For GrabCAD Community: Your profile will no longer be available on Any of your uploaded content such as Library Models, Tutorials, and Questions will also be removed. Any comments you have made on content that belongs to other Community members will remain with “Anonymous” as the user. 

For GrabCAD Workbench: Projects you interacted with will remain including any uploaded files and comments. Wherever your name used to appear will now appear with a random string of characters instead of your name. If there is content that you want to remove, please contact the admin of the Workbench project. At this time, if you are the last admin of Workbench projects in the company account, the projects and all their associated data will be deleted too.

For GrabCAD Print: After deleting, GrabCAD does not maintain any personal data regarding your GrabCAD Print usage. You will no longer be able to access printers remotely through the Companies you were part of since your GrabCAD account no longer exists. If you are the last user on the company account, then that company account and its associated data is deleted as part of deleting your GrabCAD account. 

For GrabCAD Shop: After deleting, the shops you interacted with will remain including any uploaded files and comments while the company is still active. You will not be able to access them anymore. The Company account should be deleted to remove all associated data, users and interactions and users will not be able to access them anymore. You can also contact to permanently delete any data from the GrabCAD Shop servers.

Your Data and our Third Party Tools

GrabCAD uses several third party tools for business operations, operating our website, and to support the services we provide you. We do not sell or trade any of your data to these 3rd parties. In the case you express your Right to Be Forgotten, we will delete you from these 3rd party tools.

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