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This article contains information on the type of data collected when using GrabCAD Community, GrabCAD Workbench, and GrabCAD Print.

Types of Information We Collect
Your Data and Our Third Party Tools
How GrabCAD complies with GDPR

Types of Information We Collect

The following table shows a summary of the different types of data we collect when you use GrabCAD.

Personal Data Collected when Signing Up for GrabCAD

GrabCAD collects personal data, defined as information identified or identifying a person, from you at signup in order to setup your account to use services including GrabCAD Community, GrabCAD Workbench, and GrabCAD Print. This data is augmented when you add details to your GrabCAD profile like your education, job description, etc.

We consider your personal data separate from user submitted data which includes:

  • The content you generate or upload to the GrabCAD community
  • The content you generate or upload to GrabCAD Workbench. The ownership of data uploaded to Workbench belongs to the company who owns the intellectual property. In the event that you, the user, and the company are one and the same, then you own the rights to the data generated and uploaded to GrabCAD Workbench.

User Submitted Data

This data includes all the content a user uploads to GrabCAD Community and GrabCAD Workbench. GrabCAD Print does not have any user submitted data.

User Submitted data in the GrabCAD Community

As you engage with the community, you may generate the following data:

  • Library models containing CAD files, renderings, and generated metadata including but not limited to the description of the models, tags, and comments
  • Questions
  • Tutorials
  • Groups
  • Private Messages to other community members

You can delete the content you generate in the community at any time.

In addition to tracking content you generate, we track your interactions with other community users (things like your upvotes, likes, etc.) to measure and improve our features in the community.

User Submitted Data in GrabCAD Workbench

Workbench projects with their uploaded files and associated data, including comments, snapshots, etc., are not considered personal data and belong to the appropriate organization who owns the intellectual property of the uploaded files. If you the user are the sole entity who owns the data, this data is still considered company data and not personally identifiable data.

In the event your account is deleted, all personally identifiable data will be removed from GrabCAD. File uploads, comments, and other Workbench interactions by the deleted user will appear with a random string of characters in place of the original user’s name.

If your account is deleted and you are the last owner of Workbench projects, the projects and all their associated data will be deleted too.

User Submitted Data in GrabCAD Print

GrabCAD Print does not collect any user submitted data. No CAD files are ever stored as part of using GrabCAD Print.

Data Collected During Application Use

When using GrabCAD Community, GrabCAD Workbench, and GrabCAD Print, we log any actions performed. This data is used to improve and develop new features, and fix any issues that may have arisen.

When browsing, we also collect browser fingerprints for abuse and spam prevention.

In the case you have issues with our GrabCAD Workbench and GrabCAD Print Desktop Applications, additional logs can be sent to GrabCAD Support for debugging purposes. These logs may contain application usage that help our teams diagnose the problem.

GrabCAD Print provides users with additional privacy controls that will be detailed in the next section.

Data Collection Scenarios with GrabCAD Print

The following diagram details the 3 scenarios a user can use GrabCAD Print.

Additional Data when using GrabCAD Print Reports

When using GrabCAD Print in an online environment, users can also enable cloud-based reporting features in GrabCAD Print.  The GrabCAD Print Server collects the job history of printers and sends the data to the GrabCAD Servers.  For the reports, job owner, job names, print times, and material usage are stored in the GrabCAD servers. This data is then used to display reports as seen in the following image:

Changing Privacy Settings to Control Data Collection in GrabCAD Print

You can disable data collection in GrabCAD Print by going to File>Preferences>Privacy and disabling the data collection options in the Privacy section.

You can control:

  • “Automatically send anonymous usage statistics to Stratasys” - this anonymized data includes actions in GrabCAD Print and Printer Usage Data Statistics.
  • “Automatically send user and system identifiable data to Stratasys” - this controls if the user actions and printer usage data can be identifiable, linking the information back to a user, company account, and printer serial number when applicable.
  • “Automatically share tray images with your company account” - this enables or disables the creation and sharing of the tray image preview visible to other users in the same company.

If you are using the GrabCAD Print Server to connect to your printers remotely, you can opt out to data collection by disabling “Automatically send anonymous statistics”.

This will disable the sending of printer usage data from the print server.

Using GrabCAD Print in Offline Mode

If you have offline mode enabled, data will not be collected from your GrabCAD Print usage.

You can enable Offline Mode by going to File > Preferences > Privacy and changing the setting for Offline Mode:

Your Data and our Third Party Tools

GrabCAD uses several third party tools for business operations, operating our website, and to support the services we provide you. We do not sell or trade any of your data to these 3rd parties.

In the case you express your Right to Be Forgotten, we will delete you from these 3rd party tools.

How GrabCAD complies with GDPR

The following section presents how GrabCAD complies with the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation ("GDPR") and how we protect your personal data. 

For any questions, please contact

Breach Notification

In the event of a data breach, GrabCAD will inform users within 72 hours.

Right to Access, Rectification of Data and Data Portability

Your personal data can be requested by contacting

We will provide you with a file profile.CSV that contains the personal data we have of you.

You can edit your personal information by editing your Profile Settings at You can also edit additional profile information by visiting your profile and clicking on "Edit" in the field.

Any user-generated content you have uploaded to the GrabCAD Community and or GrabCAD Workbench can be downloaded by you at any point.

Right to be Forgotten

Deleting your profile on GrabCAD

You can delete your account by going to and clicking on “Click here to delete account” as shown in the following image:

You can also contact us at to delete your account.

What happens after my account is deleted?

Deleting your GrabCAD account removes your data from GrabCAD. We maintain a backup of your data for up to 30 days after which it is deleted completely.

For GrabCAD Community

Your profile will no longer be available on Any of your uploaded content such as Library Models, Tutorials, and Questions will also be removed.

Any comments you have made on content that belongs to other Community members will remain with “Anonymous” as the user.

In the case that specific comments remain that you want removed, email

For GrabCAD Workbench

Projects you interacted with will remain including any uploaded files and comments. Wherever your name used to appear will now appear with a random string of characters instead of your name.

If there is content that you want to remove, please contact the owner of the Workbench project.

In the event that you are the last user of an account, all the projects and associated content are also deleted.

For any other questions or requests, email

For GrabCAD Print

After deleting, GrabCAD does not maintain any personal data regarding your GrabCAD Print usage. You will no longer be able to access printers remotely through the Companies you were part of since your GrabCAD account no longer exists.

If you are the last user on the company account, then that company account and its associated data is deleted as part of deleting your GrabCAD account. 

For any other questions or requests, email

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