GrabCAD Platform Security Whitepaper

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Cybersecurity is increasingly critical to every organization, especially for those with manufacturing operations and smart, connected equipment such as 3D printers and other IoT devices. That’s why the Stratasys software team has always prioritized good security practices.

The focus of this document is to communicate the security practices that Stratasys has implemented and follows. The GrabCAD 3D Print Platform (GrabCAD), which is developed by the Software Business Unit (SWBU) within Stratasys, provides application software and services to Stratasys customers who:

  1. Program parts for 3D printing from digital CAD files.
  2. Manage shared office, model shop and manufacturing environments.
  3. Collect operational data on printer usage, and integrate it with other enterprise software applications, to share information with other users.

The GrabCAD Platform is made up of several products including GrabCAD Print, GrabCAD Shop, GrabCAD Software Development Kit (SDK), and GrabCAD Community and will be further expanded in the future.

Stratasys utilizes a three layered approach to developing secure software for our products and managing good security practices: People, Process and Data Security to ensure development of secure software and practice of good internal controls. To learn more about our three layered approach, download this security whitepaper.

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