Deploying GrabCAD Print in a corporate network

The GrabCAD Print installer can be easily scripted for centralized delivery. To our knowledge, customers
have reported that the per-machine installer works fine with the following software delivery tools:

A tutorial for SCCM is available here.

If you want to change the way the installation will proceed, you can use flags. The flags may have the following effects:

  • Hide the installer screen. The installation will take place completely in the background.
  • Bypass the End User License Agreement (EULA) checkbox requirement. The checkbox will be checked automatically.
  • Prevent the user from cancelling the installation. Normally the installer is cancellable within the first few seconds of the installation. 
Installer hidden EULA bypassed Not Cancellable
/q, or /quiet, or /s, or /silent

In addition, a few preferences can be set during installation:

  • /offlineMode — Sets the preference to use Offline Mode. Users will not have to log into GrabCAD Print.
  • /disableAutoUpdate — Sets the preference to disable automatic updates. Updates may still be downloaded in the background, but the upgrade will not happen until the user says to. 

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