Adding a labels to your parts

GrabCAD Print can add custom text to the surface of your parts with the Labels tool. Currently this feature is only available for the H350 printer and for FDM users with Print Pro licenses. 

Basic labels

Once you open the Labels tool, right-click on the model to which you want to apply the label. Then click in the location on the model’s surface where you want the label applied. Click and drag to move the label around to other surfaces, or use the floating handle above the label to rotate it.

Fill in the text box with your desired text, choose emboss (sticking up from the surface) or deboss (etched into the surface) and the text size, and click Save.

A warning message appears which will allow you to update the geometry and see the label text on the model surface. You can wait to click this until after you have finished adding other labels. 

A basic label can be applied only once in a project. If you will be applying the same or similar labels to multiple parts, use a template label as described below. 

Template labels

After placing the label as before, switch the label editor to Templates and click New Template. A template label can include some automatic text such as:

  • The file name
  • A custom serial number

After saving the template, it appears as an option under Templates in the label editor. Click save to apply the template label in the chosen spot. 

Now you can apply the same template label to other parts on the tray. If you added a number to the template label, it will increment each time the label is applied. If you create duplicates of the model in the prep area or using the 3D array tool, the template label will be applied to the duplicates. 

Managing labels

Once a label is applied to a model, a tag appears over the location of the model where you can click to review the text. These tags are shown while the label tool is open unless you click the Hide Tags checkbox. You can use the T key on the keyboard to toggle this selection. 

After clicking on a tag, use the edit icon to open the label editor, or the delete icon to remove the label.

To edit a template, click the edit icon under the Templates section of the label tool. Changing the template will change every instance of it in the project.  

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