How to back up your Workbench files

This article will cover the methods available for retrieving files from your Workbench account. 

Using the Desktop App

The Workbench Desktop App allows you to easily download the current state of every Workbench project you are a member of. 

  1. Log into then download and install the Desktop App here.
  2. For each project, click the Connect button, and then click the download panel to start downloading the project. 
  3. If you are a member of multiple accounts, use the Settings menu to switch accounts and repeat the process.
  4. You can also enable Server Mode from the settings menu to automatically begin downloading files from all connected projects.

Read more about the Desktop App here

What is not available through the Desktop App?

Previous file versions

The Desktop App can only download the current project state, however many files in your project may have older versions available in the web app. If you would like to download these older versions, you may:

Partner Space files

The Desktop App does not sync with Partner Spaces. To download files may have been uploaded by Partners, click the Download All button in the web app. Read more here.

Other Projects 

The Desktop App can only sync with the projects you belong to. You must be invited to any other projects in your account that you need access to, unless you are an account admin. If you are an account admin, you can see these projects under "Other Projects in Account" in the My Projects page. Each project has a Join button on it, or you can add yourself to many at once with these steps. Once you join a project, it will become available in the Desktop App. 

Other data

The following data may not be exported from Workbench and must be recorded manually:

  • Comments on files and upload batches
  • Version and Revision information

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