Setting up your Shield device

Product Overview

The Shield is a dedicated industrial security appliance that segregates Stratasys printers from the network, monitors network traffic and applies security measures in order to protect the printer, functioning as a dedicated network safeguard for connected assets. 

It is an innovative, stand-alone, palm-size network device providing highly secured connectivity for high-value physical assets (like Stratasys printers) that are deployed in industrial verticals such as manufacturing, smart facilities, agriculture and energy. The Shield protects the printer from attacks originating from the network and protects the network from attacks originating from a potentially compromised asset by isolating and defending both ends.

Deployment of the Shield does not require any modifications or configuration changes to the printer and does not impact customer operations or other security measures.

List of Key Components

  1. Shield Device X 1


  1. Velcro pads X 2 (1 pad already attached to the Shield)


  1. Ethernet cable (to connect the Printer to Shield) X1


  1. EU power adapter, 5V/2A with USB typce C connector X 1

Step 1_4x (2).png

  1. US power adapter, 5V/2A with USB type C connector X 1

Step 2_4x (1).png

  1. Presaturated (wet) wipe for mounting preparation X 1

Artboard 1_4x (11).png

  1. Dry wipe for mounting preparation X 1

Artboard 2_4x (4).png

Shield Device Views

Artboard 2_4x (2) (1).png
Front View
Artboard 1_4x (2) (1).png
Left View
Artboard 3_4x (2) (1).png
Rear View

Shield Installation

Please complete all steps specified in “Shield Installation” section before mounting the shield

  1. Select the 5V/2A shield power adapter suitable to your region (EU or US) and connect the supplied 5V/2A shield power adapter to a standard electrical outlet. If your country supports neither adapter, you should locally purchase a compatible 5V, 2A, USB-C adapter.

Step 2_4x.png

  1. Connect the Type C connector (other end of the power adapter) into the power port labeled 5V2A

Step 3_4x.png

  1. Wait for the rear SYS LED to start blinking twice every second. The device is now powered on.

Step 4_4x.png

  1. Plug the supplied ethernet cable into the printer’s ethernet port. (If the printer already has an ethernet cable plugged in, you will need to unplug it before this step). At this point, the printer will temporarily lose connectivity in GrabCAD Apps.

Artboard 3_4x (4).png

  1. Remove the blue protective dust cover from PRT port on the Shield device. Take the other end of the ethernet cable (already plugged into the printer’s ethernet port), and plug it into the shield PRT port.

Step 5_4x.png

Artboard 4_4x (1).png

  1. Remove the black protective dust cover from the LAN port and connect your existing network cable (that was connected to the printer, unplugged in Step 4) to the Shield's LAN port.

Artboard 5_4x (1).png

Step 9_4x.png

  1. The Shield device is now connected to your network, and your printer is now connected to the Shield device. Verify that all three plugs are secured in place. Loose or unsecured cables may cause connectivity issues.

Step 10_4x.png

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on and verify that the Shield ethernet port lights are active.

  1. In 3 minutes, your printer should be discoverable / can be added in GrabCAD Print. The Shield Installation is now complete.

Shield Mounting

Please complete all steps specified in “Shield Installation” section before mounting the shield.

  1. Select a specific mounting location on top or at the side of the printer as shown in the images below. If you are unable to locate it, please contact customer support.
  2. Using the supplied presaturated (wet) wipe, clean the designated mounting area making sure to remove all dust and other residues.
  3. Using the supplied dry wipe (labeled “STEP 2”), thoroughly dry the designated mounting area.
  4. Peel off the protective transparent strip from supplied Velcro and adhere it to the designated mounting location.
  5. Applying moderate pressure, affix the shield to its designated place until both Velcro pairs are adjoined together. Verify that the Velcro pads are securely attached (entire surface areas).

AC/DC Adapters and other Regulatory Information

Model: MKA-0502000H (USA) or MKA-0502000HEUD (EU)

Input: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.4A.

Made in China

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Merryking Electronics Co., Ltd.

8F, Building A, Tianyang 2n Road, Oriental Community, Songgang Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, 518105 Guangdong, P.R. China

Screenshot 2023-12-24 101753.png

Product usage is subject to manufacturer guidelines documentation that can be found here.


View the Shield's compliance and security certifications here.

Contact for any installation related issues or for any security related concerns or questions.

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