Workbench Desktop App release notes

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Released November 1, 2021

  • Add support for Microsoft Windows 11 operating system

Released April 20, 2017

  • SolidWorks® add-in available for SolidWorks 2017
    Note: If you currently have no other versions of SolidWorks installed, the update will unfortunately not contain the add-in. To get the add-in, uninstall Workbench from the Windows control panel and reinstall with the above link.

  • SolidWorks add-in available for SolidWorks 2016
  • Number of users on the project is shown on connection overview
  • Account admins now have a link to join other projects at the bottom of the project list
  • Notification messages are automatically dismissed after a few seconds
  • The app's file cache is periodically cleared out to prevent taking up too much space

  • Upload and download details panels now display information in sortable columns
  • Provide more useful error message when your access to a project has been revoked
  • Allow users to edit the list of files to ignore for each project. Learn more

  • Peer-to-peer transfers for faster download speeds over LAN
  • UI enhancements

  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

  • Greatly improved upload speed, especially for large uploads
  • Add-in support for SolidWorks 2015
    Note: for users upgrading from version 2.12 or before, the Desktop App must be uninstalled from the Control Panel and reinstalled using the link above in order for the add-in to work in the new version of SW. This will not affect your connected folders or project data.
  • Proxy server will automatically configure with default credentials

  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

  • Improved reliability of project updates

  • Progress text during upload and download now shows expected time remaining and current rate

  • New user interface for upload and download panel
  • Improved instructions on resolving file conflicts

  • Desktop App automatically updates itself to latest version on launch
  • Connections now have a right-click context menu
  • Get your project updates sooner after initial launch
  • GrabCAD folder now appears in your favorites section in Windows Explorer

  • New and improved user interface, including tips for new users
  • Default GrabCAD folder where project folders are automatically created for new connections

  • Ability to use both Desktop App and SolidWorks add-in simultaneously
  • Additional upload and download options from SolidWorks add-in

  • Lock and unlock files from within SolidWorks
  • Ability to upload files without having to first download changes

  • Option for automatic sync (server mode)
  • Ability to recover files accidentally discarded in conflict resolution

  • SolidWorks can load new versions of models immediately after download
  • Improved log file delivery

  • Notification alerts in Solidworks for locked files and for out-of-date files
  • Improved performance on app launch and mapping creation
  • Support for Workbench projects with Pro/E versioned files

  • Access to all projects for users with a Pro seat on any account

  • Send log files easily
  • Access to all projects

  • Introduced support for Creo and Pro/E version control
  • Improved date and time display
  • Uploads resume upon retry

  • Parallel uploads
  • Strengthened handling of locked files


  • New combined installer for both clients
  • Retry transfers when connection is interrupted
  • Improved performance for very large folders


  • Improved look and feel of SolidWorks add-in
  • Improved logging
  • Added Help to drop-down menu
  • Improved handling of deleted projects

SolidWorks is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation.

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