How to view different configurations of your CAD file

If you use SW Configurations or ProE/Creo Family Tables, there are some things you should do to make them work well in Workbench:

SW Configurations

Configurations in SolidWorks need to be brought up to date before saving in order to be viewed in GrabCAD Workbench. Follow the three simple steps below to ensure all your configurations are published into Workbench…

Right Mouse Button on the top level Part or Assembly the Feature Manager
Select Rebuild/Save Mark
Select Add Mark for All Configurations

Note: this feature is available in SolidWorks 2013 and later

Pro/E and Creo Family Tables

For Pro/E and Creo family tables, you can export all your instances using the Instance Accelerator feature. This will create .XPR and .XAS files for each instance other than the main which will appear in the .ASM file, and these files are viewable on GrabCAD. 

Under File - Options - Configuration Options, add the option "save_instance_accelerator"
Set this to "Always" and your instances will be saved into your assembly directory each time you save the assembly.

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