Community Values and Guidelines

What is GrabCAD?

GrabCAD is a community where engineers and designers from around the world can come together to share their CAD models and learn from one another in the pursuit of developing innovative products. With over 2.6 million members from 196 countries, there is no problem too big, no question too tough, and no modeling job too detailed for our community to tackle.

At the heart of the community is a CAD Library of over 1 million free CAD files, where members can find inspiration for new concepts, parts to advance their product design process, and talented peers with which to collaborate. There is also a collection of over 5,000 tutorials to learn from and a collaborative culture focused on professional growth. Together, moving from concept ideas to manufacturing has never been easier.

Who are GrabCADrs?

As members of GrabCAD (or GrabCADrs, as we like to call ourselves), we strive to stay true to the values of the community. With every action we take, we aspire to be:

Collaborative. There are millions of members with all sorts of background and skills. Take advantage of this and work together to build something amazing!

Creative. Original thinking fuels innovative designs, engineering and ultimately problem-solving. Creativity is integral to every engineer’s and designer’s processes.

Generous. We strongly believe that what goes around, comes around. That is why all models on GrabCAD are free for personal use. Share what you make, you never know the impact your model could have on others. Be sure to say thank you!

Professional. That is not to say that there is no place for fun (there is!). It means that we respect other member’s differences, offer constructive feedback, and act like we would in a professional work environment.

Curious. No matter how experienced we are, there is always more to learn. We are always eager to better ourselves and help others.

How can I be an awesome GrabCADr?

  • Upload content you’ve created, don’t take credit for others’ models or renderings.
  • Be polite and welcoming, don’t be hostile or creepy towards others.
  • Offer constructive feedback, don’t criticize other’s work.
  • Like the models you find useful, don’t download without saying thank you.
  • Share your models freely, don’t attempt to use GrabCAD as a marketplace.
  • Respect other’s work, don’t post without proper attribution or permission.

And of course stay true to product design, engineering and manufacturing.

What kind of models belong on GrabCAD?

Keeping with our mission, the models on GrabCAD should be related to the product design process, be it the concept design, the engineering or the manufacturing. Models on GrabCAD should reflect original engineering and design content and/or should be helpful in developing new concepts and products.

For example:

  • This iTheater model is a great fit because it exemplifies original engineering, design and principles of the product design process. Sometimes, these cool designs even get attention from websites like Mashable!
  • A Samsung phone model, though not original, it is a great fit for the GrabCAD Community because it is an essential tool for any engineer or designer looking to create a phone accessory.
  • Superhero and cartoon models, while they can be a fun challenge and can turn out looking awesome, are not a great fit. These kinds of models are much more at home on our sister community, Thingiverse.
  • Extruded texts are likewise not a great fit for the community as they do not reflect an original design nor do they relate to the product development process.

If you are trying to figure out if your model is a good fit, ask yourself:

  • Does my model demonstrate an original concept?
  • Is my model related to product design, engineering or manufacturing?
  • Could my model be helpful to others in their product design processes?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then your model is probably a great fit for GrabCAD! If you have any questions, contact us at

Where should I go for models with a different focus than GrabCAD?

As CAD fanatics ourselves, we absolutely respect the amount of work and skill that go into creating each and every CAD model. If a model doesn’t meet GrabCAD’s focus, we want to find it a home. Luckily, there are some other great CAD communities out there that might hit the spot! Likewise, if you can’t find a model on GrabCAD, they are a good place to search.

  • Our sister community, Thingiverse, is the perfect place to go for CAD figurines and other 3D printable projects.
  • McMaster-Carr, in business since 1901, offers over 500,000 models of standard parts with exact dimensions: from nuts and bolts to gaskets and gauges.

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