GrabCAD Print release notes (older versions)

Read the release notes of newer versions here.

GrabCAD Print version 0.16, October 2016

Build number released 12 October 2016

  • GrabCAD Print is now available in 9 languages (beta - feedback welcome)! Choose your language in the System Preferences menu.
  • A new and improved Scale tool lets you modify a model's scale by directly changing its' overall dimensions.
  • "View Estimates" button is now also available in Slice Preview.

GrabCAD Print version 0.15, September 2016

Build number released 3 October 2016
Build number released 15 September 2016

  • GrabCAD Print now supports proxy server connections! If you were unable to log in to the application before, please download and install the latest version now!
  • Downloading updates for GrabCAD Print now shows a progress bar and notification when ready.
  • The Estimate button has moved to a more intuitive place down by the printer panel.
  • A checkbox in Print Settings to thicken thin part walls is available for Fortus systems.
  • The Give Feedback window (formerly known as "Send wish") now has a subject field and the ability to attach files.
  • GrabCAD Print Server can now be installed on the same computer with GrabCAD Print.

GrabCAD Print version 0.14, August 2016

Build number released 1 September 2016
Build number released 11 August 2016

  • New "Orient Face to Plane" feature in the Orient tool allows you to pick a face on your model and align it to any plane (top, front, bottom, etc).
  • When your printer has a warning you'll see a message in the printer details screen in the Printer Panel. For example, when a firmware update is available or there is not enough material for the next job in the queue. 
  • A button to get to "Now" in the schedule view.
  • Ability to adjust the time on your printer's internal clock.
  • FIXED: There was a bug with the job names not getting updated when you saved your project just before sending to print. Now jobs will always have the name "1-project_name-file_name" if you've saved the project and "1-file_name" if you haven't.
  • FIXED: The minimum spacing between parts is now the same as in Catalyst and Control Center.
  • FIXED: Printers that are added by IP are no longer forgotten when you restart the program.

GrabCAD Print version 0.13, July 2016

Build number 0.13.668.299 released 11 July 2016

  • You can now configure your own mouse controls for manipulating the 3D viewer in System Preferences.
  • You no longer have to select a model before opening a tool. 
  • New scrolling controls in Schedule View: scroll left or right by holding the middle mouse button or shift+scroll, and zoom in and out with ctrl+scroll.
  • GrabCAD Print will ask you to save the project when closing.
  • You can export the printer configuration and update the firmware from the Settings section in the Printer Panel.
  • Improved support for texture types in VRML (quad, color per vertex, and color per face).
  • Other small UI and performance improvements.
  • FIXED: Your printer selection is no longer forgotten when you start a new project.
  • FIXED: The "Add Models" and "Open Project" dialogs can no longer be opened multiple times.
  • FIXED: Some users found that tray numbers can become wrong after creating and deleting trays, so we fixed that.
  • FIXED: When opening a saved project, you used to have to re-slice trays before printing a tray you printed before. Now the tray file is stored within the project file, so you can send saved jobs straight to the printer without needing to reslice.
  • FIXED: The zooming slider in Schedule View is no longer backwards.

Launch of GrabCAD Print Beta!

15 June 2016

In addition to the GrabCAD Print app for Windows, we also introduced:

NOTE: The mobile apps and schedule in browser require GrabCAD Print Server.  Learn more.

GrabCAD Print version 0.12, June 2016

Build number released 13 June 2016

NOTE: We've made some improvements to the structure of .print files, and this means that version 0.12 will not be able to open any .print files saved with earlier versions. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but this should be a one-time change for our transition out of alpha. 

  • Visual indicator when two parts are too close to print after slicing or estimating a tray. 
  • Move parts around the tray with left-click and drag, without having to open the Move tool (now called the Arrange tool).
  • Splash screen when launching the app.
  • Visual tour of the app given on first launch.
  • Added "Sign up" and "Forgot password" links to the login screen.
  • Material volumes are now shown in cubic inches everywhere.
  • Parts will auto-arrange towards the appropriate corner for minimal toolpath movement to and from the purge bucket.
  • Trays now inherit the name of the first file added to that tray. Jobs sent to the printer will show as "1-project_name-file_name" if you've saved the project and "1-file_name" if you haven't. 
  • You can now return to Model View from either Slice Preview or Analysis Mode by hitting the ESC key.
  • In Slice Preview and viewing all layers, there is now an option to turn off the highlighted layer.
  • New system preference helps improve responsiveness in slice preview for less-powerful graphics hardware.
  • New printer status icons in the Printer Panel and Schedule View.
  • Other minor bug fixes and style improvements.

GrabCAD Print version 0.11, May 2016

Build number released 6 May 2016

  • FIXED: Materials panel no longer goes underneath the minimized printer panel.
  • "Add models" button conveniently in the project panel.
  • Supported printers have nice renderings in the printer details, instead of a picture of an Objet.
  • Background CMB files are cached, meaning after slicing once, parts can be moved on the tray and the next slice will be much faster.
  • Also, duplicate copies of parts on a tray need only to be sliced once, improving processing time.
  • Notification shown when new trays are created.
  • When entering Slice Preview you can watch the graphics load into view, and this process is faster because fewer triangles and vertices are being loaded.
  • Performance in Slice Preview while rotating, panning, or zooming is improved by reducing the level of detail shown.
  • The options to display open faces and self intersections have been added to Analysis Mode.
  • Support for Parasolid, SolidWorks 2016, Inventor 2016, and Solid Edge ST8 files.
  • All the right-side panels now have updated styles.
  • New "P" shortcut icon.

GrabCAD Print version 0.10, April 2016

Build number released 11 April 2016

  • New view mode for STL validation and healing called Analysis Mode.
  • Visual indicator of coordinate axes of the viewer (triad).
  • New and improved installer.
  • Link to our online help articles within the Help menu.
  • Better resource handling after slice/estimate.

GrabCAD Print version 0.9, March 2016

Build number released 10 March 2016

  • FIXED: Tray previews work right away, without having to look at the tray first.
  • FIXED: "Save As" updates the displayed name of the project and the name of the trays.
  • Parts can now fit closer together and are validated by their actual shape on the tray, not a bounding box.
  • Progress indicators (such as generating a slice preview) elegantly minimize themselves to a simple green bar.
  • Right-clicking on a part on the tray will now bring up the same menu as in the file list.
  • Ability to delete trays and move parts between trays.
  • Tool panels have improved styling.
  • Projects now use the .print file extension.
  • Files that fail to process (for instance, unsupported file types) show an appropriate error message on hover.
  • Ability to remove a printer from "My Printers".

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