GrabCAD Print release notes

Note for PolyJet users: Please update the Job Manager from the Printer Settings screen. More info

Interested in trying new features of GrabCAD Print before they are released? Sign up here to request beta access: Current betas include an API to query live printer status and job history (requires GrabCAD Print Server) and work order management software for centralized 3D printing model shops, called GrabCAD Shop. More info.
You can also test the latest version of GrabCAD Print in your environment as part of the  Early Visibility Program

GrabCAD Print version 1.34, September 2019

Build number released on 19 September 2019 

Click here for a video about the 1.34 update.

  • The PolyJet Advanced Slicer, introduced as an option in 1.31, is now on by default. It has improved accuracy in estimations and enables a few features which are listed here. It can be turned off from Preferences > PolyJet if you need to use the old slicer for any reason.
  • You can now access GrabCAD Tutorials and Example files in the Help Menu of GrabCAD Print related to your selected printer. Our application engineers are constantly adding new content to help you better utilize your machines; the content will be available via the Help Menu.
  • Using the toggle in the view bar labeled “Preview Supported Surfaces” you can quickly see where supports will be generated on your models. This feature was introduced for PolyJet printers in 1.24 and is now available for FDM printers too. This provides a faster alternative to FDM Slice Preview to aid in preparing your tray, as it shows how orientation and support settings (such as self-supporting angle) will affect the surface of your print.
  • When you are viewing a PolyJet job in progress in Schedule View or in the GrabCAD Print mobile app, the predicted “End Time” now has greatly improved accuracy. The prediction will be regularly updated throughout the job to account for Print pauses and other errors in the initial estimation.
  • Checking the option will reduce the occurrence of depressions on the model. The option should be used only after talking to Stratays’s technical support. Using the option will increase the job's printing time.
  • The list of materials shown in the Tray Settings panel for PolyJet printers now includes the support material.
  • GrabCAD Print will now notify you about updates for select printers like the F123 series and J750. These may include information on new materials, learning content and others. When one of these printers is selected and an update is available, you will see a gift box in the bottom left of your screen.

GrabCAD Print version 1.33, August 2019

Build number released on 20 August 2019 

Click here for a video about the 1.33 update.

  • On printers that are supported by Advanced FDM, some advanced features are now available in the Model Settings tab. These include infill density, infill angle and body thickness, and when CAD files are used, the ability to change a cylindrical hole into a self-supporting diamond.
  • Similar to the change made for the FDM settings panel in the last update, the PolyJet settings panel is now split into tray settings and model settings to allow space for more functionality in future updates.
  • You may now choose to export a CMB without the purge part or sacrificial tower. This allows you to prevent multiple purge parts from being printed when printing multiple CMB files in a job. By default purge part/sacrificial tower is included.
  • For Stratasys F900, Fortus 900mc, and Fortus 400mc printer templates, ABS is now the default material. For live printers, the material will continue to use the current configuration as default.
  • Heads up for J750 and J735 users: The Advanced Slicer, introduced in 1.31, will be *ON* by default in next months upgrade, version 1.34. 

GrabCAD Print version 1.32, July 2019

Build number released on 22 July 2019 

Click here for a video about the 1.32 update.

  • The Print Settings panel for FDM print prep has been split into 3 panels: Tray Settings, Model Settings, and Support Settings. New icons have been added as well.
  • Analysis Mode can now repair VRML and OBJ files with vertex colors, and the repair of files with face colors and textures has been improved.
  • J750 and J735 users can now print opaque models with Vivid materials and the Advanced Slicer. Uncheck the "Translucent" checkbox in the Print Settings panel to print bodies with a white core. This currently only works for untextured mesh files/assemblies.
  • An issue for some Fortus and F123 jobs was causing some strange behavior for the purge part / sacrificial tower, leading to build failures. This has been resolved.
  • When Agilus 30 Clear is selected, your model displays at the transparency level associated with the Shore A value you set.

GrabCAD Print version 1.31, June 2019

Build number 1.31.52720.53058 released on 20 June 2019 

Click here for a video about the 1.31 update.

  • Advanced FDM, which was introduced in 1.24 for the F900, F370, and Fortus printers, is now available for the F170 and F270. Advanced FDM allows you to customize infill in different sections of the model using the actual CAD geometry, as well as modify hole geometry for printability. Read more here.
  • The Advanced Slicer, available now in File > Preferences > Polyjet, brings J750 and J735 users a whole host of improvements and new features:
    • Pantone® validated colors in the color picker.
    • VRMLs with transparency in the texture will use a clear core.
    • Improved estimations and print accuracy for small features and text.
    • Custom support options which fix the “support shadow” effect on vertical walls that have holes.
    • Custom part priority when assembly components overlap.
    • Full control over part placement on the tray.
  • The new version of GrabCAD Print Server runs as a Windows service, it will continue to run even if your Windows user is logged out. Additionally, it is compatible with Windows Server 2012, and can be installed alongside the per-machine version of GrabCAD Print. This upgrade is not automatic, you must download the new version here. For help with installation, click here.
  • Analysis Mode can now repair mesh errors in textured VRML files.
  • The error message when you try to add a model from a CAD package which is not yet supported, such as Inventor 2020, will now be more informative than a generic failure.
  • For FDM printers, supports are generated wherever the angle of the part surface drops below a specified value, known as the self-supporting angle, and now that value is adjustable in the Print Settings panel. You can increase or decrease the amount of supports that are generated, and also restore the value to the default recommendation, which varies for different printers and materials.
  • Adding a CAD or CMB file that does not match the file or settings in the current GrabCAD Print project generates a conflict instead of an error, a new warning allows you to save changes and open a new project.

GrabCAD Print version 1.30, May 2019

Build number released on 22 May 2019 

Click here for a video about the 1.30 update.

  • Printer history may be deleted from the Printer History page of the GrabCAD Print application. The option is enabled by a preference; the preference is active for the GrabCAD session only. Printers must be idle when history is deleted, though they may have jobs in their queue.
  • We reviewed the translations in GrabCAD Print and fixed errors in 6 places.

GrabCAD Print version 1.29, April 2019

Build number released on 16 April 2019 

Click here for a video about the 1.29 update.

  • The latest versions of CAD packages are now supported in GrabCAD Print. This includes SOLIDWORKS 2019, Inventor 2019, Creo 5.0, NX 12.0, and more. Read more here.
  • Easily access your printers with the new printer panel. This has the ability to Favorite printers, advanced Searching and Filtering, and many other improvements. And we want your feedback on it! Turn it on from File > Preferences > GrabCAD Labs, and let us know what you think.
  • The Beta release of the newest member of the Stratasys F123 Series, the F120, is supported by GrabCAD Print. Read about it here.
  • It’s now possible to use model material in support structures for FDM printing when you select SMART, Sparse, or Box support styles. Since the printer takes a few seconds to switch between model and support material, this feature allows for many layers of the job to use only model material, saving time on the print. 
  • Insight models may now be sent to GrabCAD Print from Insight at the click of a button. Selecting the “Build Job in GrabCAD Print”icon on the Insight toolbar creates a CMB file and passes the file from Insight to GrabCAD Print, and will select the correct printer type automatically.

GrabCAD Print version 1.28, March 2019

Build number released on 21 March 2019 

Click here for a video about the 1.28 update.

  • Lacking the technology or capacity to print more parts? Go to Apps > "Make my Part with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing" to get to the SDM home page. (For US / Canada customers only.)
  • Auto-orient is now available in Advanced FDM tab. Both standard and merged bodies can be auto-oriented, to minimize support and reduce build time.
  • OBJ files with image textures are now supported. When printing on PolyJet printers, image texture files associated with the OBJ file will be read, displayed, and the merged result will be printed.
  • A part quality issue when using hexagram infill on F123 series printers is fixed. For materials F123 ASA and F123 ABS, on the 0.005 inch (0.127 mm) and 0.007 inch (0.178 mm) slice height, the density of the infill is decreased to prevent overfill.
  • Print Settings, Orient, and Scale Panels have been updated to only count models or bodies on the active tray.
  • There was a bug in the printer history that you export from the desktop app where the ”Duration” showed 00:00:00 for all jobs. This has been fixed.
  • The app generates some files in the temp directory, and previously they built up over time. Now they are automatically cleared on app close.
  • Some users were hitting a bug where they were unable to launch GrabCAD Print, seeing a “Too many instances…” error. This was caused by the GrabCAD Print for SOLIDWORKS add-in which has now been discontinued.

GrabCAD Print version 1.27, February 2019

Build number released on 25 February 2019 

Click here for a video about the 1.27 update.

  • Variable width fill, introduced in 1.24 for F123 Series and Fortus 900mc, is now available on Fortus 380mc, 380mc CFE, and 450mc. This feature requires version 6.1 of the printer firmware (available since 13 March 2019). Follow the instructions here to update the firmware on your machine.
  • When you import a CMB file to be printed on an FDM printer, the correct printer will automatically be selected. Additionally, you will now be able to rotate that model about the Z-axis.
  • Certain material combinations are not allowed in a PolyJet print job, such as Vero and VeroFlex, or using only one of the two RGD materials for Digital ABS. Previously, if the printer was loaded with this unsupported combination of materials, the printer would show with an Error state and printing was disabled, even if the job itself didn’t use the unsupported combination. Now, users will be able to print their jobs regardless of which materials are currently loaded in the printer, as long as the unsupported combination is not used in the job.

GrabCAD Print version 1.26, January 2019

Build number released on 28 January 2019 

  • Variable width fill, introduced in GrabCAD Print 1.24 as part of the Print Settings panel, is now available in Advanced FDM.
  • The purge part (F123 Series) and sacrificial tower (some Fortus printers) automatically places itself to the optimal location on the tray, although it can be moved manually. Now, when you do so, it will remain in that location until you use the Arrange Tray or Arrange Project tool. You can also relocate just the purge part / sacrificial tower by right-clicking on it and selecting “Locate Automatically.”
  • Reset is now available for orientation in GrabCAD Print and Advanced FDM. Selecting a model and selecting Reset will return the model to its orientation when it was initially added to the tray.
  • Addressed an issue that blocked the installation of GrabCAD Print in certain situations. Please contact if you are still experiencing issues installing.

GrabCAD Print version 1.25, December 2018

Build number released on 4 January 2019 

  • The per-machine installer which was released for beta testing in 1.16 is now generally available from In addition to being much more stable than the current per-user installer, it allows for deployment at schools and enterprise organizations by IT system admins. For more information and instructions on switching over, read our help article.
  • OBJ and VRML files with self-intersections, watertightness / open faces issues, and inverted normals can now be repaired by GrabCAD Print before printing to PolyJet technologies. To try it out, please contact
  • Tooltips on the Print Settings panel explain the behavior of variable width fill, part build style, purge part or sacrificial tower type, system mode, and first layer material. The tip content adapts to only show content for the available options for the action.

GrabCAD Print version 1.24, November 2018

Build number released on 20 November 2018 

  • GrabCAD Print Advanced FDM provides a powerful yet intuitive toolset to obtain desired part characteristics by automatically controlling FDM build attributes.  By assigning attributes directly to your CAD file’s geometry, you can specify areas of strength and rigidity, control infills, ensure sufficient material around holes with inserts, and avoid seams.  All necessary tool paths are then automatically calculated without requiring manual manipulation of individual layers- ultimately reducing the time it takes to prepare a job while improving overall part quality.

    Advanced FDM is available for select printers (F370, 380mc, 380mc CFE, 400mc, 450mc, 900mc, and F900), and is available under File > Preferences > FDM.
  • OBJ files can now be added to GrabCAD Print with colors, associated .mtl file and visual textures, for PolyJet printing. This feature needs to enabled in File > Preferences > GrabCAD Labs. To know what is supported, go here.
  • Materials that are newly available are supported in GrabCAD Print, including VeroCyan Vivid, VeroFlex Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Vivid & Agilus 30 White on the J750/J735, MedABS and Med615 on the Connex3, Antero 800NA on the F900, and an all new flexible material for the F123 Series called FDM TPU 92A. Note that the new materials for the Connex3 and J750/J735 require an update to the embedded software.
  • When a PolyJet printer is selected, a new display mode available in the top row of buttons above the 3D viewer will allow the user to see where support material will be placed on the surface of the model. This determines the boundary for glossy finish.
  • Some FDM printers now offer an optional setting to use variable width fill for internal part builds. When set, variable width toolpaths are automatically placed wherever gaps remain between default-width toolpaths that are less than the default width and greater than the minimum width for the given tip size. This is supported for the F123 Series and the F900 and Fortus 900mc after the latest firmware update is installed (versions 1.8 and 3.26 respectively or later).
  • Updates to the job details panel in Schedule View to visually indicate how much material is estimated to be used for that selected job. Tooltips show users how much material will be estimated to be remaining on the canister or cartridge upon job completion. For FDM, the first queued job will indicate how much material will be on the canister/cartridge when the job starts.
  • The job details panel in Schedule View will now list the tip sizes & build resolution required for the job for FDM printers. This is useful for users to check what’s required for the job vs. what is currently loaded on the printer.  

GrabCAD Print version 1.23, October 2018

Build number released on 17 October 2018 

  • There are several improvements to the History report:
    • The export for Job History is now available in both .XLSX and .CSV formats, with .XLSX being the default.
    • To distinguish printing time from warmup and other time spent during the job, the “Duration” column is now split into “Total Job Time” which is the total elapsed time between beginning and end, and “Total Print Time” which excludes time when the printer was paused or warming up.
    • A new column in the History View shows the list of parts in the job. Quantities of the same part will be displayed with a (#) after the part name. For example “HingePin(3)”. Currently this feature is only available for FDM printers. (Note: Jobs printed with GrabCAD Print 1.22 and older will show encrypted part names here.)
    • For FDM printers, the exported Job History now includes two columns for support and model tip sizes.
  • Parts can be printed using Ultem 9085 at .013” resolution on the Fortus 450mc printer
  • Models are displayed in either Matte or Glossy according to the material properties that are set

GrabCAD Print version 1.22, September 2018

Build number released on 26 September 2018 

  • There is a new preference option to disable automatic updates of GrabCAD Print. You will still be notified when an update is available.
  • There is a new preference option to make import of CAD files more precise, this will add more triangles to the mesh that represents the CAD file. However this will affect performance.
  • With this release, we fixed certain issues with how printers connect to GrabCAD Print (including the printer list disappearing after an update) and improved our error reporting to better address potential connectivity issues in the future.
  • Models can now be auto-oriented for all FDM printers, which orients models to generate the least support material.
  • Jobs can now be printed using support material as the base layer on the F123 printers for both ABS and ASA when using .005” resolution. This increases risk of tray adhesion issues, but will allow you to more easily remove small parts.
  • On FDM printers where double-dense infill is available, hexagram infill style is now an option. This pattern is very strong and efficient to build.
  • Office hours and delayed print start may allow for a queue to seem empty in Schedule View when it isn’t, so there is a new button which appears when you need to scroll right to see the queued jobs.
  • When clicking on a job currently printing in Schedule View you will now see an estimate of how much material will be remaining upon completion of the job. And for FDM printers, you can also see an estimate of the starting material levels for the following job.
  • The seam (where the toolpath begins and ends for FDM printers) is now visible in Slice Preview.
  • Parts can be printed using Antero 800NA on the 450mc printer.

GrabCAD Print version 1.20, July 2018

Build number released on 18 July 2018 

  • Delayed start for PolyJet printers is now available! When your PolyJet printer is Idle and the queue is empty, you can now schedule your print to begin at a specified time after you hit the Print button. Note that this feature not yet available if you are remotely connected to your printer through GrabCAD Print Server.
  • In the Schedule View, you can now click a button on the camera image for your F123 Series printers to enlarge it to full resolution. The same feature is available for the job preview image for all printers.
  • After 3 months of testing, Connex3 systems are fully supported by GrabCAD Print. Read through the setup guide to get started.
  • GrabCAD Print now supports the new Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition printer.
  • Your login session for GrabCAD Print will only expire after 2 months of inactivity. Previously the expiration was 1 week.
  • If you purchased the new Vivid Vero materials for your PolyJet printer, they are now available to select in GrabCAD Print.

GrabCAD Print version 1.19, June 2018

Build number released on 15 June 2018 

  • When you click Print to send a job to your PolyJet printer, a warning will be shown if the printer doesn’t have enough material loaded or if the waste bin is full.
  • Jobs containing a large number of duplicate files will process faster than before. Additionally, file loading times for complex or multi-body VRML files has improved by 60-80%.
  • You can now export the printer configuration file whether you are connected to the printer locally or remotely through GrabCAD Print Server.
  • GrabCAD Print now supports the new Stratasys F900 system type. The Stratasys F900 is the replacement to the Fortus 900mc system, and includes an upgraded moisture control system and general system enhancements.

GrabCAD Print version 1.18, May 2018

Build number released on 10 May 2018 

  • A few enhancements for PolyJet users, including:
    • New copy-and-paste feature for print settings.
    • Progress bars for tray validation, estimation, and queueing.
    • Improved slicer stability for printing duplicate heavy STLs.
    • Agilus materials can now be printed with SUP706B support material. Please only use this combination if you have received the new support formula (also known as 706B).
  • The GrabCAD Print add-in for SOLIDWORKS is now supported in SOLIDWORKS 2018. After you update to GrabCAD Print 1.18, modify your installation in the Control Panel to install the add-in.

GrabCAD Print version 1.17, April 2018

Build number released on 12 April 2018 

  • Connex3 Systems (including the Objet260, Objet350, and Objet500) will be supported soon, and you can join our public beta test right now! Additionally, please install the latest embedded software update available for download now. No need to sign an official beta agreement, just head here for the download links and full instructions. 
  • Tray estimation for PolyJet trays will now show a real progress bar.
  • Color and texture profiles will revert to default as you change the tray materials for PolyJet printers, to prevent users from accidentally leaving the profiles on one that isn’t recommended. 

GrabCAD Print version 1.16, March 2018

Build number released on 20 March 2018 

  • A completely new installer is available for GrabCAD Print for per-machine installations. This will allow GrabCAD Print to be easily installed on computer lab PCs, as well as deployed on a corporate level by system admins. Read more here and email to request access.
  • The latest versions of CAD packages are now supported. This includes SOLIDWORKS 2018, Creo 4.0, Inventor 2018, and more. Read the full list here.
  • In the last update, we introduced a new feature that allows you to sync the print settings with the current configuration of the selected printer. In this update, we’ve made this behavior automatic — right when you launch the app.
  • The material used in the support grid for PolyJet prints (usually VeroPureWht) is now specified in the estimation results window instead of saying “Others.” 

GrabCAD Print version 1.15, February 2018

Build number released on 19 February 2018.

  • The Print Settings Panel for FDM printers has been given a new look and feel. You’ll see an indication when your settings are different from the current printer configuration, and with one click you can update all the settings to match. Additionally, the settings of any newly created tray will always match the one you’re currently viewing, to speed up print preparation for projects with multiple trays.
  • A new slider is available in the Arrange tool that controls the “Optimize” checkbox for PolyJet users. You can control whether the arrangement is optimized for minimal print time or minimal support material usage.
  • FIXED: If the Schedule View is left on screen for some time, the “Now” line will stay in place, rather than slowly moving out of view.

GrabCAD Print version 1.14, January 2018

Build number released 17 January 2018 

  • The details screen in the Printer Panel now show the model and support tip odometers, as well as the envelope and head temperatures for FDM systems.
  • If your FDM system has multiple material bays, new icons in the Printer Panel indicate which material bays are currently loaded in the print heads.
  • A pop-up warning will now appear when clicking the Print button if the job has materials or tips selected which do not match the current printer configuration. 
  • Detailed, individual print job logs can now be downloaded in XML format for Fortus 900mc printers. Go to the Reports View and use the download button in the “Options” column.
  • GrabCAD Print now supports the Stratasys J700 Dental printer.
  • FIXED: The reports had been labelling material units in cm³ regardless of your unit preference. This has been fixed.

GrabCAD Print version 1.13, December 2017

Build number released 12 December 2017
Build number released 19 December 2017

  • If you have GrabCAD Print Server set up, you have previously only enjoyed some of the remote access features for PolyJet systems, such as mobile app connectivity and the Reports online. Now we have enabled the last piece: sending a job from GrabCAD Print on a remote PC. 
  • Several improvements around Reports:
    • The Reports View in GrabCAD Print now includes an export button, and works for both FDM and PolyJet systems.
    • Fixed a bug with the Reports View where some users could not select a printer.
    • Fixed a few issues with the online Reports on Internet Explorer. 
  • You no longer have to click “View Estimates” when the estimation results are ready, they will automatically pop up.
  • Job details in the GrabCAD Print app for iOS will now include the predicted end time.

GrabCAD Print version 1.12, November 2017

Build number released 13 November 2017 

  • Now you can access the job history for your local printers from the Reports View in the GrabCAD Print desktop app. This will greatly help users in Offline Mode, since this report was previously only available on the Reports page online after setting up GrabCAD Print Server. (History for PolyJet systems, remote printers, and CSV export not yet available.)
  • New advanced PolyJet materials have just been launched by Stratasys, and are now supported by GrabCAD Print. Learn more about Agilus, VeroFlex, and DABS2 Plus.
  • The Android app would sometimes report a failure to find printers if the account had a lot of printers connected. We’ve increased the timeout so this should no longer occur.
  • Small usability improvements
    • 2 GB individual file size and tray size limit has been removed.
    • No longer blocked from switching to Schedule View while another operation is in progress.

GrabCAD Print version 1.11, October 2017

Build number released 11 October 2017 

  • New tray display, featuring...
    • Realistic tray shape and gridlines for the uPrint, Dimension, F123 Series, and smaller Fortus systems.
    • Centimeter or inch gridlines (depending on your display units preference) for larger Fortus systems.
    • Calibration touchpoints for applicable printers.
    • Fortus 900mc will show outline of the smaller tray size. 
  • You can now use GrabCAD Print to add a pause to your FDM print job from Slice Preview. Previously this functionality was only available in Catalyst and Insight.
  • You can now prepare jobs for Ultem 9085 CG using GrabCAD Print. Previously this material was only available using Insight and Control Center. Users also have the option to use the T16A tip with their Fortus 900mc.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented some users from being able to launch the GrabCAD Print add-in in SOLIDWORKS.

GrabCAD Print version 1.10, September 2017

Build number released 13 September 2017 

  • Now you can add models to GrabCAD Print straight from your Workbench projects. Head here to learn more about using Workbench together with Print.
  • If you are using GrabCAD Print Server, you and your team can get notified by email when your print job finishes or needs attention. Adjust your settings from your GrabCAD Profile.
  • Now you can open a .PRINT file with double-click or drag-and-drop.
  • GrabCAD Print now supports the Objet1000 Plus printer. Read the setup guide
  • There was an issue where CAD files with non-ASCII characters in the filename or path could not be loaded in GrabCAD Print. This has been fixed.
  • The importing of CAD files has been improved. Previously, some parts may have shown some roughness on curved surfaces, but the improvements will provide much smoother surfaces. 
  • You will now find a shortcut to “Insight for GrabCAD Print” in your Start menu. This takes you to the companion version of Insight that was previously only available from the Apps menu of GrabCAD Print. 

GrabCAD Print version 1.9, August 2017

Build number released 9 August 2017 

  • A Sacrificial tower can now be added to Fortus print jobs. This can help improve seam quality and is required when printing with Nylon 12 CF.
  • Nylon materials are now available for Fortus printers in GrabCAD Print. 
  • Jobs that require attention (for instance, if material will run out during or before the job) will show an icon on the job in the Schedule View. The total number of printers with warnings will show as a count on the Schedule View icon on the left side of the application. 
  • Users will be able to export a CSV containing the job history of their printers from the Printer Panel (FDM only). This allows offline customers to export their job history data without needing to enable Reports.
  • Previous versions of GrabCAD Print required system admin privileges on first install. With version 1.9, any user can install without needing the system admin’s credentials (unless the optional SW add-in is included).

GrabCAD Print version 1.8, July 2017

Build number released 12 July 2017 

  • GrabCAD Print now supports printing with Ultem 9085 and Ultem 1010. This also means that CMB files prepared in Insight with these materials can now be printed with GrabCAD Print. To modify parameters or use features like anchor pins or wall stabilizers, you can use Insight from the Apps menu. You will still have to use Control Center to add sacrificial towers. (Ultem 9085 CG is not yet supported in GrabCAD Print.)
  • Users can now do an optimized arrange of the entire project (all trays at once) on their FDM printers. This allows users to optimally pack more than one tray with as many parts as possible.
  • When inserting parts for FDM printers, parts are arranged from the center of the tray for improved print quality.
  • For F123 Series printers, improved bottom surface smoothness with both supported and non-supported features.
  • Special characters in the Windows username no longer causes issues with establishing a connection to a J750 printer.
  • When viewing a PolyJet job in the schedule, “Print Mode” and “Slice Printed” are available again.
  • Fixed a bug where transformations on a part resulted in partial top layers.
  • Fixed a bug where switching between certain FDM printers will cause an imported CMB to disappear.

GrabCAD Print version 1.7, June 2017

Build number released 14 June 2017

  • Multiple imported CMB files can now be arranged on the tray. Previously, users working with multiple CMBs had to use Control Center for their workflow. For performance, the CMBs are simplified in Model View, but you can get a look at the real shape in Slice Preview. Start with an empty project, then go to File > Import CMB...
  • We added “Recent Files” to the File menu. You can access your 5 most recently added files (any CAD format, CMB, or OBJZF) and your last 5 Print projects. 
  • You can now rearrange jobs in the Schedule View using drag and drop.
  • The SOLIDWORKS add-in for GrabCAD Print is now packaged within the installer for GrabCAD Print. The SolidWorks add-in allows you to prepare your CAD files for printing right from within SOLIDWORKS. For installation instructions go to the Apps menu in GrabCAD Print.
  • Your print jobs now appear with your real name instead of your computer’s profile name for local jobs.
  • GrabCAD Print now supports the .JT file type
  • FIXED: Parts containing non-ascii characters (such as é or à) can now be printed on the J750.
  • FIXED: There was a scaling issue for J750 parts when Tango+ was loaded but not used on the tray, and this has been fixed.

GrabCAD Print version 1.6, May 2017

Build number released 9 May 2017

  • Introducing operating hours! Once your company admin enables them, your Schedule View will automatically adjust the printer queue display to reflect that print jobs are normally only started during your working hours, giving you a more accurate schedule forecast. 
  • Use shift-select to quickly select multiple models in the Project Panel. With this and box-select (released in 1.5), changing settings for multiple models at once is much faster. 
  • Easily reorder jobs with click-and-drag in the Printer Panel's queue list.
  • In order to speed up performance of the viewer, Model View will show a "simplified" version of your models. You might notice more visible triangles on curved surfaces. This does not impact print quality. To see exactly what will be sent to the printer, go to Slice Preview, or change your Graphics Quality to "High" under System Preferences > Display Settings. 
  • For F123 Series printers, we now have Brick Mode build style. This is helpful when printing large, dense, solid-fill parts to reduce part curl. This is only when using a slice height of 0.005” with ABS, ASA or PC-ABS.
  • FIXED: For J750 printers, we have fixed several issues that could cause mid-print errors. Please make sure to update GrabCAD Print and the Job Manager to take advantage of these fixes.
  • FIXED: Users who have their display units set to metric will now see the slice height in their unit of choice.

GrabCAD Print version 1.5, April 2017

Build number released 18 April 2017

  • Offline Mode Part 2 is here! Now, when installing for the first time, you will be able to skip the login if you don't have an internet connection. This is a follow-up to Offline Mode capabilities we introduced in GrabCAD Print 1.3, which you can read about here
  • GrabCAD Print now supports the latest versions of CAD packages, including SOLIDWORKS 2017, Inventor 2017, NX 11.0, and Solid Edge ST9. Read the full list here.
  • You can now give your trays custom names from the tray preview in the Project Panel. Jobs will inherit this name when you click Print. 
  • All jobs sent with version 1.5 will include a preview of the tray in the Schedule View job details, both online and in the desktop app. You can disable this in System Preferences > Privacy.
  • Box select in Model View makes it easy to change the print settings of many models at once. Click and drag with the left mouse button. When dragging towards the right, only models completely contained in the box are selected. When dragging towards the left, models that are partially inside the box boundaries are also selected.
  • The view shortcuts and perspective setting are now convenient buttons at the top of the viewer. 
  • You can now choose how you want material units to be displayed on the mobile apps as well as the Reports and Schedule View online. Change your setting here. (Mobile app updates after sign-in)
  • We've improved the way you're notified that the Job Manager needs to be updated for your J750.
  • For F123 Series printers, the base layer will be made of model material for prints using ABS or ASA and 0.005" slice height, in order to improve tray adhesion.
  • A number of adjustments have been made to the core processes and printing functions to improve the print quality for the Stratasys F123 Series printers.

GrabCAD Print version 1.4, March 2017

Build number released 14 March 2017

  • GrabCAD Print now supports all uPrint, Fortus, and Dimension printers. See the full list.
  • In 1.3 we greatly improved the packing for FDM prints if you hit "Arrange Tray" after estimating the tray. Now it's even easier, with the "Optimize" checkbox in the Arrange tool. In some cases this allows you to fit up to twice as many parts per tray as before!
  • Introducing custom printer names! Rename a printer from the Printer Settings panel, and your custom name will appear on desktop, web, and mobile for all members of your company account. Learn more here.
  • With the latest update to GrabCAD Print Server (version 0.144.0318), the Stratasys J750 is now supported in the GrabCAD Print mobile app, and the online schedule and reports. Remote access printing is coming soon.
  • Additionally, you can now connect to your J750 for the first time using the "Add a Network Printer" option if it's already running the GrabCAD PolyJet Job Manager. 
  • We've improved the way printers are listed in "My Printers" in the Printer Panel:
    • If you lose connection to a printer, it will not disappear from the list. Instead it will show "Disconnected" as its status.
    • "Offline Printers" are now known as "Printer Templates" and will appear in a separate section beneath your network printers. 
  • Small updates for F370 print settings:
    • PLA printing is now called Draft Mode.
    • Purge Part Style uses Full Height by default. 
  • Some J750 users reported issues with incorrect estimations or failed prints when Tango+ material was loaded but not used on the tray, and these issues have been resolved. 
  • The Schedule View will now show time and material estimations for future J750 jobs.  
  • Some J750 users reported a print failure with a mysterious "error.0" failure message. The problem causing the print failure has been fixed, and the failure message will now have meaningful text if the same problem occurs again. 
  • Two small bugs in the Orient panel have been fixed: one regarding negative decimal values and one for the + and - buttons. 
  • Some F370 users may have noticed the purge part containing some incorrect layers, and this has been fixed.

GrabCAD Print version 1.3, February 2017

Build number released 21 February 2017
Build number released 7 February 2017

  • Introducing the Stratasys F123 Series! Our latest printer runs exclusively on GrabCAD Print. Read more here.
  • J750 support in GrabCAD Print is out of beta! Thank you to all who participated in the beta program. If you have a J750, you can follow this guide to start printing with GrabCAD Print.
  • We now have an add-in for SOLIDWORKS that lets you print .SLDPRT files directly from within your CAD environment. Read more about it or download it here.
  • Because many users have been asking for the ability to install and get straight to printing without having to log into GrabCAD, we're introducing offline capability in two parts, the first of which is ready now! Here's how it works:
    • If your internet connection goes down, GrabCAD Print will let you keep working with your local printers. 
    • If this is how you will be working most of the time, you can turn off the warning messages by switching to offline mode in System Preferences > Privacy. 
    • You still need to log in at least once when you launch the application the first time. If you have internet access but are having trouble logging in, please visit the Troubleshooting guide
    • The second part of our offline capabilities will be a "Fully Offline" solution, where you can skip that initial login. We expect this to be ready later this year. 
  • If you've ever thought that the Arrange tool isn't as good as Insight or Catalyst, you should notice a big improvement with this update! First, hit "Estimate" to slice the tray, and then "Arrange Tray" will pack parts much closer together. 
  • For those who participated in the J750 beta program, you will notice some improvements with this update:
    • Updating the Job Manager is now possible from the Printer Panel in GrabCAD Print, just like a firmware update. 
    • The issues with the opacity slider in the Print Settings panel have been fixed!
  • Insight is now bundled with GrabCAD Print so you can utilize more advanced features like groups or toolpath editing for your F370 or Fortus system. Read more here.

GrabCAD Print version 1.2, January 2017

Build number released 24 January 2017
Build number released 16 January 2017

  • In case you missed it, Reports are here! Check out your job history and material usage from right in the web browser.
  • There's a new system preference for changing whether or not you want new trays to be created automatically when you add too many parts for one tray. 
  • Tool icons are bigger and bolder. Check them out: Tools.
  • In the Rotate tool, you can now customize the degrees of rotation per click, making it easier to get the perfect orientation.
  • VRML files are now included in Analysis Mode, although to repair the models without breaking the texture mapping you must use other software. 
  • We fixed some problems with our CAD file reader, specifically around donut-shaped models.

GrabCAD Print version 1.1, December 2016

Build number released 16 December 2016

  • Improvements to the colors and icons in the main navigation and Project Panel.
  • There was a bug where your unit preferences weren't reflected in the Schedule view, and this has been fixed.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

GrabCAD Print version 1.0, November 2016

Build number released 15 November 2016

  • More printers! You can now use GrabCAD Print with your Fortus 380/450 and Fortus 900 (limited support*), and the Fortus 360/400 and J750 are in beta right now. Email to request access. 
  • Ability to see material volumes in cubic centimeters. Go to File > System Preferences > Units Controls > Display Units and change to any metric unit. 
  • Ability to import .CMB.GZ files.
  • The installer now defaults to install using the same language as your operating system. You can change the language by selecting the back button on the first screen of the installer or from System Preferences.
  • More intuitive default mouse controls for new users. See the updated configuration here. Existing users are not affected.
  • Infill, slice height, and support style are now automatically updated to their recommended settings for the selected model and support material.
  • Small UI improvements and bug fixes.

*Limited support means basic print prep is supported (similar to “green flag” in Insight), however some advanced features, such as using a Sacrificial Tower when printing ULTEM or Nylon 12, are not yet available.

Continue reading release notes of older versions here.

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