Making Changes to Your GrabCAD Model

If at any point you would like to change the name of your model, add additional renderings or CAD files, or make any other changes, you can do this by editing your model.

To edit a model:

Navigate to your profile page by the clicking your avatar in the top right corner. 

Click the 'Projects' tab on your and select the project that you would like to edit.

Click 'Edit model' to change the details of your model.
Make any necessary changes and click the red 'Save project' button.

To add files to a model:

On the model page, select the '+' button and click the red 'Upload' button.
Drag and drop your files and folders into the outlined box or click 'Select files' or 'Select folders' to add files with your file browser.

Once the additional files have loaded, each CAD file will give you the option to choose a 'Software' and then a 'Version.' Be sure to label all zipped files with the software they contain. Avoid zipping two software file types together. This label will ensure that your model appears in search and is eligible for the Popular feed. It also allows members to search for a specific software type, so keep labels accurate. You cannot change this label once you've hit 'Publish' so double check that it's correct.

Click the red 'Publish' button.

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