Starting a Discussion

So, you’ve created or joined a GrabCAD Group! Now you would like to start a discussion. There are certain aspects to take into consideration:

Choose a discussion topic that will inspire continuous conversation.

Unlike with GrabCAD Questions, where discussions end as soon as the answer is found, discussions on GrabCAD Groups are meant to be more like a natural conversation with friends, driven by open-ended topics that will engage members indefinitely. This will foster group engagement through the sharing of information, strategies and opinions, and will help group members to better get to know one another’s skills and passions. Here's an example of a great discussion topic that could inspire continuous discussion:

And here is an example of a poor discussion topic that would likely not inspire much discussion:

Make sure your discussion topic isn’t already covered in an existing discussion.

If some group members are already having a discussion about the topic that you are interested in, then go ahead and join the existing conversation! Any discussions found to be duplicates may be reported by the Group Administrator, and removed by the GrabCAD Support Team.

Make sure your discussion matches the group theme and follows group guidelines.

The reason for joining a group is to discuss topics related to that group’s subject of focus, so please try and stay on topic! Also, please make sure that your discussion respects the Group Guidelines laid out by the Group Administrator. Any discussions found to have nothing to do with the group focus, or found to be in violation of the Group Guidelines, may be reported by the Group Administrator and removed by the GrabCAD Support Team. 

Below, you'll see a group about "Fashion and CAD", yet there's a discussion about kitchen furniture. While it is a great discussion topic, it does not belong in a group about fashion. 

If you have suggestions or ideas how to improve Groups or any other GrabCAD functionality, join the  GrabCAD Community group.

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