Setting up GrabCAD Shop

This guide begins with the setup instructions for the admin, then explains the workflow for both machine operators and requesters.


What is a model shop? — A model shop is a collection of machines for in-house production which includes 3D printers and possibly other production machines such as CNC mills. In a model shop, the machines are run by dedicated operators, not by the engineers and CAD designers. 

What is GrabCAD Shop? — A new product for managing work orders in a model shop. A Shop license is granted to your Company, and then the admin creates one or more Shops to manage orders. Users are assigned to groups that have roles of requester or operator.

  • Company — The high-level organization where a few company admins can manage GrabCAD Shops, licenses, and other GrabCAD software. 
  • Shop — A place where work orders are collected. Each Shop has a unique set of user groups and machines defined. 
  • Admin — In charge of users, licenses, and creating the Shops. Has access to the Admin Console.
  • Operator — Can view, edit and fulfill all the orders that are sent to their Shops.
  • Requester — Can only submit orders and view the orders they have submitted to their Shops.

Setting up your first Shop


Creating a Company

Head to to start your trial and create a GrabCAD account. Once you create an account and sign up, you will be redirected to the page below where you can sign in and create a Company for your team and your Shops.    

Once you create a company, you’ll land on the GrabCAD Shop home page:
Bookmark this page in your browser for future purposes.  You are given a 30-day trial to try GrabCAD Shop, submit orders, invite users, etc.


Creating a new Shop

Click Create New Shop to begin entering the information for your first Shop. If you are going to have more than one Shop eventually, pick a helpful name and upload a logo to help distinguish them. 


Adding machine types

Next click Add Machine types to specify the machine types in your Shop, that you want to make available to your requesters. Our library includes Stratasys and Non-Stratasys machines. If you don’t upload a custom image, the default image will match the chosen machine. If you notice a technology or machine missing from the list, let us know! 

Click Add Materials & Colors to specify what materials your Shop has in Stock for that machine type.  Note: You must choose at least one color of the material, otherwise the material will not be available for requesters. 

Click Finish to add this machine to your Shop. You Shop is now created. 

Click the Shop and  Try to submit your first order! This can be done by clicking New Order.

You can continue adding more machine types later by clicking the Machine Types button on the left navigation. Even if have more than one machine of the same type, you only need to add one machine type in GrabCAD Shop.


Adding users and groups

When you finish submitting your first order and adding machines, you are now ready to add users to your company and give them access to your Shop. To do this, go to the Admin Console in the left navigation. 

Click Users to begin adding your users with their email. When you click Add Users they will receive an invitation to join your Shop. If they need to sign up for GrabCAD, they can do so from the invitation. Once all the users have been added, you need to assign them to User groups. Groups are distinguished by which Shops they can access, and their user role. A user needs to be part of a requester or an operator group for them to have access to your Shop and use a license seat. 2 groups have already been created for you, Requesters (<ShopName>) and Operators (<ShopName>), and you have been assigned to both already. Click on User Groups to view and add your users to them. Once users are added to one of these groups, they can access the Shop.

NOTE: Operators can submit orders too, just like requesters. 

 Your Shop is now open for business!

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