Using Shop as an Operator

This guide begins with the setup instructions for the admin, then explains the workflow for both machine operators and requesters.

Log into GrabCAD Shop at You will be brought to your GrabCAD Shop home page. As an operator, you have been invited by an admin to use GrabCAD Shop to manage incoming 3D printing or fabricating requests from engineers and designers in your company. 

Select a Shop from the list of Shops (you may only have one) to get to the Orders dashboard. Orders from all requesters are shown. You can update the status of any order that you are currently working on. By default, only Active Orders are shown (Not Completed, Cancelled).


Click an order to view the files and details. As an operator you can always edit the order, update statuses, details, add comments and delivery information.

Changes to the order or comments will send the requester a notification email. You can also add tray or project files to the order after you fabricate the items, for future reprint or traceability purposes.

Requesters can also edit some fields or add more files while the order status is still "Submitted". Some fields (delivery date, estimates, price) are only available to you as the operator. 

You must assign yourself or another operator to an order. Assigning an operator will notify the requester, and makes this person responsible for all communication and fulfilment regarding this order. Once assigned, the operator will also be notified when the requester adds a comment or makes any changes.

Finally, if your administrator has configured costs / rates for Shop, you can enter material and time estimates per item, to see a part price. The total order price is the sum of all individual item prices and quantities. Clicking the Calculator will show a detailed breakdown per part. Here you can select a different material or machine to use for the order item, to see different rates. You can also add markups / discounts, extra costs or simply override the cost. For more information on the cost calculator, check out this article here.

As you begin to fulfill orders, come back to the Orders dashboard to update order statuses, or to assign operators quickly. As your list grows, you can use the Search and Filter capabilities to find specific orders.  

You can also export this list (.csv) for reporting purposes. 

Click Machine Types to see the machines that your admin has added to your shop. Only the technologies, machines and materials that are selected here will be available for a requester when they submit an order. When a user submits an order, they will be able to select technologies and materials. As an operator, you can then decide which of your machines the order is best suited for, based on their material requests. 
To manage your inventory, click any machine in the Machine Types page. As an operator, you cannot add or remove machine types in your shop or configure rates, but you can enable or disable materials based on your inventory and current machine configurations.

Here is a short video that summarizes using GrabCAD Shop as an Operator: 

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