How do you find another member?

Why would you need to find another member?

If you would like to send another member a message, find other members from a specific country, or just learn about our Community members, you should use our member search.

To find another member:

To find another member simply click on the 'Engineers tab to search for a member. 
Enter a member's name into the search field. Click 'Advanced search' if you would like to filter the results by the software that they use, their area of expertise or their country.  Before submitting a search, you will see a default list of all members listed in descending order by their  GrabCAD Score. If you would like to see the top members from a country, with specific area of expertise or use a specific software, leave the search field blank, select a filter and submit the search. 

Once you have entered your search terms and selected any filters you would like, click the blue 'Search' button to find members that meet the criteria. 

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