Sending Messages to Other GrabCAD Members

Communities thrive on interaction, and GrabCAD is full of ways to connect with your fellow members. But what if you would like to speak directly with someone? You may want to learn more about a model, tutorial, or group discussion topic. You may want to collaborate with engineers with similar talents to your own, or connect with someone to mentor you in CAD design. You may just want to thank someone for a model that you really liked. 

One way to do this would be to leave a public comment or participate in a discussion that they are involved in. But if you want your communication to be private, we offer the ability to do that too. 

To send a private message:

Go to another member's profile by clicking their name on a model page, or search for them on the  Engineers page. This is explained in greater detail here.
Click the white button with the envelope.

Enter your message in the text box that appears and click 'Send message.'
You should receive a notification by email when your message is responded to. If you would like to adjust this, head over to your email notification settings page. You can then find this message in your personal GrabCAD inbox, which you can access by clicking the envelope icon in the top-right corner of the main navigation bar:

How do you visit the profile of someone who sent you a private message?

When someone sends you a message, it is a good idea to view their profile to learn more about them. To do so, just click on their name and you will be taken you to their 'About' tab of their profile. Select the other tabs to see their Models, Tutorials, and Followers.

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