How can models be used and shared?

When you become a GrabCAD member, you are given access and permission to use millions of CAD models from the GrabCAD Library. So once you've downloaded a model from the GrabCAD Library, what comes next? 

  • You could make local changes to the model. As long as you have the appropriate software to do so, you are welcome to make changes or additions to the local copy of the model that you downloaded, as long as those changes remain local to your computer.
  • You could print the model, if you have access to a 3D Printer. You are welcome to create as many prints of a GrabCAD model as you wish, as long as they remain in your possession. If you happen to own a Stratasys printer, we've got a free application to make the process quick and easy. 

As stated above, models downloaded from GrabCAD are generally for private use. But what if you would like to use this model in a public presentation? What if you would like to print the model and sell the prints? Our guidelines break down into two scenarios: 

  • For non-commercial public use: If you are showcasing this model or design publicly, but no money is being exchanged, then this applies to you. Please make sure to attribute the model's original creator, and include a web link to the original model that inspired your design. Examples include sharing on social media, including in a student presentation, or uploading to a free CAD library like GrabCAD.  
  • For commercial public use: If you intend to exchange this model or resign for money, goods or services, or you wish to use this model in some way for your business or company, then this applies to you. You will need to ask the model's original designer for their explicit permission, and then you will need to properly attribute both GrabCAD and the user. However, if a company's title, logo, or other intellectual property is present anywhere in the model, its title or its description, then we would strongly urge you to consider not utilizing this model in a commercial sense. Also, if for any reason you do not get any response from the model's creator, then you cannot use it for commercial purposes.

Have any questions about this or any other GrabCAD policy? Please email for more information.

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