Getting Started with Streamline Pro

GrabCAD Streamline Pro is a Stratasys workgroup software suite powered by GrabCAD Print that connects people, parts and printers, essential to scale 3D printing.

Streamline Pro expands the capabilities of your Stratasys printer and the other products in the GrabCAD lineup, including GrabCAD Print Standard and Pro, GrabCAD Print Server, and GrabCAD Control.

Streamline Pro includes the following components:

  • GrabCAD Shop, with auto-estimations
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • GrabCAD Analyze
  • Shield

Read below for a description of each component.

GrabCAD Shop

Shop is a powerful web app for managing 3D printing and other requests for your machine shop. Users in the Requesters role can upload files to be fabricated, and users with the Operators role process the requests and can organize the requests into jobs for tracking. This helps the operators keep their shop's files organized in a central location, and keeps requesters informed on the status of their requests. There are a few extra integrations for Stratasys machines, however GrabCAD Shop is can be configured with all types of manufacturing machines, and is built to support your whole model shop, not just the 3D printers.

The automatic estimations feature uses GrabCAD Print and cloud-computing to calculate time and material usage for models to be printed with Stratasys machines. Using the rate tables set up by the operators, the auto-estimates deliver a near-immediate quote to the requesters, thereby saving the operator time and effort.

Role-Based Access Control

GrabCAD Control is a free component of the GrabCAD software lineup that is used for managing your company account. Company Admins can log into Control to see users, user groups, licenses, and other company-level settings.

Streamline Pro adds an additional feature to GrabCAD Control: Printer Groups. Printer Groups are a way to restrict access to some Stratasys printers to select groups of users. Install GrabCAD Print Server to connect your printers to your GrabCAD Control company account. Then, create printer groups and user groups to control who may access them.

GrabCAD Analyze

GrabCAD Analyze brings a whole new level of detail to printer utilization tracking. Once set up, several powerful charts and graphs are displayed concerning the utilization of the machine. Alerts may be set up based on custom triggers from the data. Additionally, Analyze runs completely local to your network. Unlike the couple of reports available on the GrabCAD website, Analyze is completely on-premises.


Shield is a safeguard companion for your Stratasys 3D printers, protecting both the equipment from network threats, as well as the network and the organization from the potentially compromised equipment. It is a palm-sized device that connects between the printer and the office network, protecting the traffic to and from the machine, and providing IPv6 capabilities.

Preparing to install Streamline Pro

Perform the following checks before beginning the installation procedure.

Ensure that your license is delivered.

Streamline Pro is a license which is added to your company account in GrabCAD Control. So to ensure that your license is available:

  1. Log into — Use your credentials here. If you are new to GrabCAD, hit Create Account. A company account with a license may already have been created for you, and you may have notification emails about that. Please sign up / sign in with the email address those messages were sent to.
    1. If you log in and do not arrive at the GrabCAD Control home page, you may not yet have a company account, or you may not be the admin of the company. Please message to resolve this issue.
  2. Go to Licenses in the left navigation bar — You should see an active license of Streamline Pro, with the serial number which matches your printer(s). Please contact if your license is missing or has incorrect information.

Perform the other necessary site prep steps for each product in any order:

  • For Analyze, a computer which meets the system requirements is needed.
  • For Shield, a standard 120V outlet near the printer is required, as shown in the printer's Site Prep Guide.
  • For Role-Based Access Control, GrabCAD Print Server needs to be installed and connected with your company account such that your printers appear in GrabCAD Control.
  • For the automatic estimations to function in GrabCAD Shop, you must set up a Shop, and add a machine type matching that of the serial associated with your Streamline Pro license.

Installing Streamline Pro

Once you have satisfied the system requirements and reviewed your license, you are ready to perform the following steps and install all the Streamine Pro components.

How is Streamline Pro licensed?

For most users, a license of Streamline Pro will be attached to the sale of a new printer. Standalone licenses for your existing printers may also be purchased. Additionally, there is a free trial available, which delivers the same functionality as a paid license, but with a more limited timespan.

  • GrabCAD Shop — A license of Streamline Pro includes a company-wide (unlimited users) license for GrabCAD Shop. You can even set up multiple shops with a single license.
    • Shop is not connected to individual machines, it is configured by machine types. The auto-estimations are therefore limited to the type of machine associated with the license. To have auto-estimations functional with all of the printers in your shop, you would need to purchase one Streamline Pro license for each type of machine in your shop.
  • Role-Based Access Control — A license of Streamline Pro unlocks the printer-groups functionality for your whole company, not limited to the licensed printer.
  • GrabCAD Analyze — Analyze does not limit to the individual printer's serial number, but it is limited by the number of printers. A license of Streamline Pro enables Analyze to connect to any one printer.
  • Shield — One Shield device is provided with each Streamline Pro license.

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