What is the GrabCAD Community?

The  GrabCAD Community is a place where engineers and designers from around the world can share their CAD models, learn from one another, and tackle the world's challenges. With over 4 million members from 196 countries, there is no problem too big, no question too tough and no modeling job too detailed for the GrabCAD Community to tackle. If you haven't already, create an account and unlock what GrabCAD has to offer.

What can you do as a member of the Community?

  • CAD Library - Explore our vast library of 3D models, and download for free -- (more info)
  • Challenges - Put your design skills to the test for cash prizes from top engineering companies -- (more info)
  • Groups - Gather together with other designers and engineers who share your interests -- (more info)
  • Questions - Find answers to your general questions about CAD, Engineering and 3D Printing -- (more info)
  • Tutorials - Learn new design skills from our members, or teach the Community yourself --  (more info)
  • Engineers - Locate and contact GrabCAD members from all around the world -- (more info)

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